Adelphia to Comcast = Interference?

Virginia7074January 3, 2007

I was switched over from Adelphia to Comcast a couple weeks before Christmas. It took 3 days to get the cable Internet straighted out, but that works fine now.

The cable is working fine (not "Comcastic", but fine) except for this weird pattern of hourly interference. Every hour, like clockwork, the picture goes black for a second, then turns to snow for a second, then goes from grainy to normal. The whole thing only lasts about 3 seconds total, but it happens every hour on every TV.

When it first started, it would happen at around 10 minutes before the hour. Now, it happens at about 15 minutes after the hour, so it seems as though every day adds about a minute.

I thought maybe it could be some kind of time sync signal, but DH says it's likely not. I've called Comcast and they will send someone out, within a 12-hour window. He or she just needs to be here when it happens, or wait an hour. It's just a bizarre thing to try and describe.

If anyone has any idea of what it could be, I'd great appreciate your input. Or, maybe the aliens have chosen us to communicate with . . .

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Does this happen on more than one TV in the house? Could you replace the cable hookup with an antenna for just those few minutes to see if it happens without cable?

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Good suggestion, steve_o. It happens on every TV that's connected to cable. I disconnected one TV's cable and replaced it with an antenna and it didn't get the interference. Comcast is sending someone out on Monday and I told them to be sure and be here at 20 min. after the hour (it's moved to 18 min. now). Would hate to miss a second of the BCS Bowl - Go Bucks!

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