Old Sony Trinitron cycles with static, audio out of synch

tessmcJanuary 20, 2007

I did not see this problem posted. I have an older Sony Trinitron that lately goes through several minutes of cycling with repetitive flashes of static when you first turn the TV on. After about 20 minutes, it has been settling down and displaying the picture and sound as normal.

Just a couple of days ago, after going through its cycling thing, the sound for one channel appeared to change to a different channel completely. It is actually in Spanish now and the commercials are totally out of synch with their audio -- sometimes completely different commercials. Sound for a couple other channels has disappeared. The only channel unaffected is the local public broadcast station.

I was given a smaller Sony Trinitron TV of about the same vintage, but when I hooked it up, it doesn't even capture some of the stations I'm interested in viewing.

I'm not sure if I can have my larger TV repaired, or whether I need to buy a more modern TV. My house doesn't have an antenna and I have not been willing to buy cable.

Is this an unusual problem?



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I'm not sure about the warm-up problems, (I think it's probably terminal) but I do have an idea about the audio issue, I think there's often an extra channel of audio carried with some stations, sometimes radio, sometimes an alternate language, here in Canada with the public stations, it's french.

On your remote, there should be an audio button that'll cycle between mono, stereo and auto - sometimes called something else with initials I can't remember right now, but if you play with that, your audio may come back.

You may want to consider cable/satellite or at least an aerial, if you're going to upgrade your tv.

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