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marci_paMarch 15, 2004

Top of the mornin' to you!

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Good Morning Everyone!!

Is anybody out there???????????????????? I don't want anyone to miss this announcement!!!!!

The vote is for French Lick Resort in 2005 so that means we now have to decide on the WHEN.

Since the resort has so many things to do it may be good for us to go early spring like now. The prices may be better off season but I don't know for sure .

SO, let's hear from everyone on the WHEN. This is no doubt going to take us the longest to decide.

NH Suzanne

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HI Gang,

Sorry ive benn MIA, I hope everyone is doing well :)

I stalled on the SBD, didnt gain, dint lose... I need to get off the couch and add some treadmill time to my woe :)

That may be easier to do soon too, I have an interview for a team leader position at the hospital, and wouldnt ya know they are right across the hall from the gym! If I get this job I wont have any excuse not to go. Its also days, and I would be happy to say goodbye to the graveyard shift.

I need to catch up and do a little reading on the threads :)

I cant wait to see all the banter building up to French Lick. I'll have to do one for the guys :) 18 holes of golf and a steak > day spa /chuckle.

Have a great day all!


PS: Ran across this site and thought it was a hoot :) dont let the kids get a peak at this!

Here is a link that might be useful: Grover gone bad.

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NH Suzanne - I like early spring too, I like to vacation off season - less crowded and better rates.

John - keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job interview. No excuses with a gym that close.

Now I am off to check out Grover.

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I just checked it out and Easter is March 27th next year, so keep that in mind when making plans for French Lick 2005.

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Hi all!

Guess who I had dinner with Saturday night?? Our own KYSusie! She is just so beautiful--inside and out, and that was one of the nicest nights I've had for a long time!! :) She called on Friday afternoon to go for dinner, but I was out carousing with GFs from work, so on Saturday, we hooked up, and had a blast. We went to a Mary Kay seminar in downtown Louisville, and ladies--she's got her red jacket, and is doing great! She looks so relaxed and happy--:):) she is a doll, and I am soooo glad to finally see her again. She's excited about French Lick next year, and I can hardly wait too! :)

Good weekend (obviously!!), but it was just too short--we were working on projects, and time just flew--I'll see if I can get Rog to put them up on a page somewhere to show off what we did on Sunday--

Sorry this is quick--boss is lurking--



PS--as of last Friday, I am down 20 pounds since early/mid January--WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

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Maddie~Congrats! You've done a gr8 job! Cannot wait to hear all about your weekend.

Marci~Glad to have you back.

NH Suzanne~I was slow moving today. LOL

Raeanne~That was nice of you to see when Easter was going to be.

John~Prayers being sent that you will get this job. Then off to the gym & out to the golf course you go! LOL

Joanne~I got a package today! Now, I can hardly wait until Saturday. Woo Hoo!

Better run. Patti :)

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Maddie - I am so glad that you and KY Susie got together - was that a total surprise or what? Sounds like you had a nice visit together YIPPPPEEEEE.

BJ - WHERE ARE YOU??? I worry when you don't post.

NH Suzanne - my work schedule can be flexible, so I will work around everyone else's schedule with picking a date for 2005. I do like early spring though. Are you nearing a deadline soon? It seems like they roll around very quick.

My day off and I cleaned out a bookcase and reorganized a little and am doing some laundry. We are expecting about 10" of snow today, so I am going to make a vegetable chowder for dinner.

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I am flexible too. I just need to be sure that I am not in the middle of a deadline or it will be NO GO. My deadlines usually fall in the last week of one month into the beginning of the next. SO, usually the beginnig of a month is good for me. This I will have to play by ear. I think this time of year would be great as we are all tired of winter and the weather is about to break.

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Good morning!

Well, before anyone gets too happy--it's snowing here and 33. This area's weather can change in a heartbeat, and I've seen it snow on Derby Day (the 1st Saturday in May). Mid/late April is always nice, and the trees and flowering bushes are out (or starting to) by then. Just thinking outloud here, but just the thought of youse guys being here for Derby. Actually, the day prior is more fun--less crowded and less expensive. We could get gaudy hats, and go sit in the infield and drink (purely aweful) Mint Juleps, and see if we can get a glimpse of a horse as it goes by. And then spend Derby Day at the spa. (I know--logistically almost impossible, but fun to wish!)

NHSuzanne--the Lippanzers are coming to Louisville this weekend, and I am trying to convince Rog to go--I wish you were here--I'd have a buddy to go with! :)

Gotta go--a huge, ugly project is hanging over me like the sword of Damacles--



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Maddie, don't tell Rog where you are taking him. He will enjoy it so much he won't even believe it. I just got them, (White Stallion Productions), as a client! They are running thier first ad in our April issue. I have been trying for a year to get them in. DO NOT NOT GO, DO NOT MISS IT.

I am up for almost any month providing I am not in deadline. It has snowed here in June! So weather never surprises me.

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Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven't been here---I'm getting so far behind in my HOT pile of issues and items that I'm getting bummed out. So much going on: permits, contractors, law suits, school changes and registrations for the 4 kidlets, a bday party to plan, in-laws coming for a week next Wed, etc, etc, and then all the regular stuff. There's no "me" time left! I feel like hitting the first bar on the right!---lol!

Anyway, I just have to prioritize and start ticking off the list. Plus, I feel like a goofball because I haven't had time to read and catch up here.

Where the heck does the time go? Well, that's my rant. I gotta go through this stack of crap in my office or it's gonna LANDSLIDE on me! Raeanne, I'm still doing laundry!

My DD was in a science competition on Saturday and she took a second place medal in chemistry (identifying 12 white substances) and a second in the lifting device competition. She took nothing in flight, but no worries; she took it well. That took up most of the weekend.

Wednesday night, I'm going to REI and I'm getting a new bike---a cruiser bike that sits me nearly upright. Then, I'm going to bike, bike, bike! I really can't wait.

DeeMarie and Maddie~ Congrats on the staying in the loser side of things! Wow!!! That's terrific!

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Top o the morning to ya!

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Aye, ye bonnie lassies (and lad)! Top o' the mornin' to ya, and may ye be in heaven 'arf an hour before the devil knows yer dead.

I love St. Paddy's day--my bio mom is/was supposed to be Irish/French, so with what little I have to go on, I take it and have fun. My heart-adopted mom (Mary) is very Irish, so I claim it from that way, too! :)

Cold here, and spitting snow--but it's supposed to be nice this weekend--yeah!! :)

BJ--I can not drink (well--at least I'm not supposed to), but I've seriously thought about taking up a new hobby--and *that* would be it!!! LOL!!! (((((((hugs)))))))

Not much going on here--swamped with a horrible project--

Where's Amy and other MIAs? Does anyone hear form Zig anymore?



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Morning again,

Maddie, I want to know where the mia's are too!!


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(heehee! I knew that's what you meant, but it's still funny!!)

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I am sooooo bummmmmed!!!!! Bette Midler was cancelled tonight and will not be rescheduled! You don't know how much I was looking forward to this. The one time we get excellent seats. I had my leather skirt out and ready to go.

BJ - I am glad we don't live closer today, because I would hit that first bar on the right too!

Maddie - I haven't heard from Zig, but when we decide on a date for 2005 I will contact her.

I better get back to work.

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I'm standin' a ta be cowwwwwntid.

And I'm a-wearin' the green but I'm 'bout as fer from Irish as you can git, if ya know wut I mean.

Busy day as usual, but I'm on track with my eating. Scale hasn't budged a bit though.


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I'm here. Happy St. Pats Day to all you Irish. I don't have a drop of green in me, but I am wearing the right colors today!

Congratulations to all of the losers! I started WW on Monday and I am down 4#!!!!!!!!!! Hey, it's a start.



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Good Morning All,

Raeanne, I am sorry that you didn't get to see Bette. That is a bummer. Maybe you can catch her somewhere else this year.

BJ, I hope the load gets lighter soon. What a busy lady.

I am off this morning to Virgina for a horse show until next week. I doubt that I will have an opportunity to check in but if I can I will. I hope the weather is nice and that maybe there are bulbs coming up or something spring like.

We haven't gotten much input on the WHEN of our trip. I guess we do have some time to figure that out but we should be at least looking at our calenders. If we make a date early other things will have to get scheduled around our trip..............that makes sense to me.

See you when I get back.

NH Suzanne

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I vote for April 1st (April Fools Day weekend) or the following weekend.

NH Suzanne - have a wonderful trip - I didn't realize you would be going away.

Besh - good to have you checking in and congrats on the 4#s.

Gotta run, going down to Saratoga today with DH, he needs a haircut and I want to hit some stores.

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Hi guys! I'm in the Dominican Republic and paying by the minute to be on-line. Wanted to say "hi"; I'm staying on target and still eating the best italian pasta on the high seas. boy, Costa does it right! Off to the beach and will be back here when i get some more time.


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Hi Guys:
John - Count me in on the "guys" weekend too. You know how I love golf and a steak!!!!
Patti - glad to hear you got your parcel, hope it was all in one piece. Just in case I'm not back on the 20th. Happy, Happy Birthday.
French Licks - still get a kick out of the name (but my DD likes it more) - I have no preference, I will fly out of Detroit to where ever this place is located.
Keep your fingers crossed, just finished all the boob crunching and ultrasound. Hoping the lump in right one proves to be "nothing". Will report in. Liver lesions are being left alone, aparently nothing to worry about. MRI on liver showed the lesion in the breast. Not sure if I told you about this, but thought I'd better let you all know what's happening. (John, too much info I know)

DH has now found the "right" fit yet for a job. Hopefully something will come along soon as he is driving everyone nuts. (but the meals are fabulous). He is cooking completely SS and have all trimmed down some. (He's only 158 lbs., so he really doesn't need to be trimmed)

I have to figure out how to send pictures so they can be posted, is it Marci who is taking care of that?

I'll check in later.
Take care

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Hey everyone,

I don't have much time. Please say some prayers for Erica. We don't know whats going on. She started running a fever Saturday nite and is still running between 101 to 103. We go back to the doctors tomorrow. I am scared to death.

Better run.


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Keep us up to date. I know we are ALL going to have you on our minds and in our thoughts constantly.

Stay strong and concentrate on a positive outcome. Love,BJ

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Raeanee~ I love the picture you painted. Thanks for posting it on Marci's photo site. It's inspired me to get back into having some creative time for myself and bead a mask. Thank you for the lift, sis.

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