lcd tv /blue ray question

andrelaplume2January 29, 2010

Dad just got a Sony 120mhz 47" tv from BB. He got blue ray dvd too. Neithe of us are very tech savy. For now he has his non hd cable box connected to it via coax. We are told the picture will be better when he upgrades his cable box. He also has the blue ray hooked up but has not watched a blue ray disc yet...just regular ones. We have noticed when disks play that you sometimes see a vertical line down the middle of the screen. It does not seam to bother Dad but it bothers me. He says maybe its because its not a blue ray disc or a tv setting is incorrect. I say phooey its a bad dvd player. Ideas?

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I'm using a Panasonic Blue Ray player with a Samsung LCD TV. I have an HDMI cable between the player and the TV.
I haven't watched a Blue Ray Disc with it either, but I've never seen what you describe with a DVD.
I'd try another player.

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Picture should not a a line down the middle of the screen when watching anything. It sounds to me like a bad player.

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Are you sure it's connected correctly?

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does the set have multiple co-ax inputs? my new panasonic plasma does not. it would be nice to use a cable splitter and have a box input and straight cable input and switch between the 2 feeds. but you will get a hd cable box soon so why bother? i had a hd set 10 yrs ago and did not get a dvd unit for 1 year. duh. what was i waiting for? took me 2 more years for cable hd to show up.

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Should not have a line no matter what kind of disc it is unless there is either a problem with the player or a bad disc. If it does it on all discs then it is a player problem.

Upgrading the cable to hd will definitely give a much better picture. It will not affect the blu ray though. For best pic both should be hooked up via HDMI cable.

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