Any experience hiding a TV with ''Hidden Vision Flip Around?''

marcoloJanuary 30, 2013

I've been wanting to hide a TV behind a painting. I looked at one of the motorized gizmos in person, but it is obscenely expensive (to me, anyway) and even with a recessed TV, you still see a weird little extension coming out of the wall behind the picture frame.

Has anybody used this flip-around thingie from Hidden Vision? It's sort of a mounting bracket on steroids. You tug on the tv a little bit, and it glides up, flips around and becomes a picture, frame and all. The price is really tempting, and I really don't want to have to recess my TV because it's on a load-bearing exterior wall (messy and expensive).

It looks cool. The site seems professional enough. But I can't find one single review (except for that content farm fluff people pay to have written all over the Internet). Anybody here ever seen or used one?

Here's a video.

And this is the website

They seem to use a wire channel stuck to the wall. I'd want to fish the wire but I can't figure out where you could put an actual outlet.

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I work for a television show on the DIY network and have used this product twice on two different shows and LOVE it! It is super easy to install and it looks great in person. We put the outlet 60" off the floor to mount the tv and was in a perfect place. Hope this is helpful! definitely recommend the product.

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What worries me is, how can it be good for a TV, or a TV cord, to be put through such gymnastics?

Also, lindseyanne, thanks for the measurement. Where does the outlet go relative to the frame side to side? In the middle of the TV, or near an arm?

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I have one in my bedroom. The cables are not a problem, they are fed through the frame. I have a 32" sharp LCD in mine, looks great and much more comfortable to watch than when I had it on the dresser. I would recommend getting the picture frame, I tried to make my own and it didn't work out that well.

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Thank you, chrisa62401! Fantastic to hear directly from a consumer.

Do you have an outlet in the wall? If so, could you please please please take a picture for me?

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I LOVE MY HIDDEN VISION TV MOUNT!! It was a Christmas gift in 2011. Watching tv in bed couldn't be more comfortable. I wear eye glasses with progressive lens. It use to be very hard to watch tv in bed,but with the Hidden Vision TV Mount I can lay on my back and the tv is in a perfect location. HDTV is intense!! Very fun to watch a powerful action movie in the dark!
I'm a photographer, so being able to hide the tv and use one of my landscape images is a HUGE PLUS! Never enough room for beautiful photography.

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