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marci_paMarch 29, 2004

Good Morning!

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Hola from beautiful CANCUN....

I saw it was quiet in here, so I decided to post and shake things up a bit LOL.

We are having a wonderful time and I have had at least 1 Margarita for each of you. I am going to slow down today and just try to have a lot more water. The resort is breathtaking. I have to take some pictures, but I have been just too busy having FUN.

I hope everyone is doing well and I will try to check in here again before I return. (I actually had a little work to do on the computer).

Adios mi amigos!!!

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Hola Raeanne, Glad you were able to check in! I am jealous.............of the margaritas you are sucking down! LOL Have fun.

It's a typical Monday morning for me only it's deadline week.......ugh.
Not going to make my goal but my number is respectable even though it's less than I did last month. Oh well.

Everyone needs to check in and say hello this week.

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Hello and Hola Raeanne! I'd like some more description about the "FUN" you are having! LOL

I am so totally swamped at work and I literally don't know which end is up. Over the last week, I've taken the wrong folders into meetings! It's impossible to prepare for them; there are so many..........OK, now I just got another call to have a PRE meeting at 1:30 tomorrow for my 2:00 meeting tomorrow. Ya just can't win. I wanna retire........booooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo!!

On the positive side, I did very well with my eating this weekend; only used 3 flex points. Things are looking DOWN on the scale too, but my official weigh-in is Wednesday at 11:30am.

Hope you all have a spectacular week!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Buenos Dias Senora Raeanne! Como esta? Sounds like you are having a great time...what you remember! LOLOL

DeeMarie: You are doing so awesome...I really want to consider WW ...are you tailoring it to SS or are you enjoying carbs?

NHSuzanne: Ready for a cocktail yet?? LOLOL I remember those early spring rides and the horses being so frisky...little buck in their step!

SO's parents are in town and staying at our do two older people make sure a mess? They are moving back up to IL from FL to be close to us. We have been worried about them being there in FL with no family close by. His Mom doesn't drive and his Dad can not drive at night...It has been a long long week. DD has been very patient with them but GAWD...enough is enough...they brought two extra suitcases of SH&* that they want to leave at our house. They are depression babies and so dang cheeeeeepppp. They filled the suitcases thinking that it is one less thing for the movers to move. What was in the suitcase you ask??? WOODEN HANGERS AND TOWELS! ARRGGHHHH Yesterday morning I was walking out of the bedroom and out comes "Mom" buck naked...she screamed ...I said...aww don't worry about it...It was kind of a "Somethings Gotta Give" moment.

I am in the process of waiting for paperwork from my company"s accountant to develop an offer for my boss. I think she must have pulled a number out of her you know what to throw at me...We share space with another company and I let both the owners know that my boss wants to sell her company. They cannot stand her and they were thrilled. They asked if I would let them help me come up with a counter offer. They are very business savvy and I would love to have their help!

Ok...I am off to make a good salad and try like heck to get this extra weight off me!


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I am all about eating within my points! Actually, the whole grain stuff is much lower in calories, so it pays to eat whole wheat pasta (3 points per cup) than the white stuff (4 points per cup). I tried to do it within the context of SS, but I get to eat more and be more flexible here. Most veggies are 0 points per cup (including raw carrots!), so I bring at least 2 cups of veggies with me to work each day....grape tomatoes and celery sticks, or cucumber slices and baby get the picture. Most fruit is 1 point per serving. I think that you personally would probably be able to eat at least 20 points per day (goes by present weight and gradually goes down as you lose in order to lose more), so you see how great it is to fill up on veggies! They give you 35 flex points per week to use all at once, or spread out---however you need them. There is a website that gives you the points of most foods.

Here is my day of eating (note that I like to eat all day, so I spread out my food set rules at Weight Watchers...they say "you can eat anything, just not EVERYTHING" LOL):

8 am: 1 cup Kashi cereal (dry) with my decaf coffee
10 am: 6 oz Dannon Fit and Light Yogurt
Noon: 1 sandwich w/ low fat ham, ff cheese, mustard and "diet bread" (2 slices = 1 point); pickle, 1 cup of cherry tomatoes
2:00pm 10 baby carrots
4:00pm 1 pear
5:00pm exercise class (you can get back 2-3 points for this!!)
7:00pm 1 salad w/ oil vinegar, 1 large portion of fish (7 oz), asparagus, 1 cup of rice
9:00pm 1 point sugar-free Edy's all fruit ice pop

I may still have points left, because I haven't done the math for my dinner here. I've listed approximations here...I would only use 1 tablespoon of olive oil for a 3-point salad, etc. You will get used to the measurements. Anyway, I hope this helps you.

I've eaten pizza, ice cream, lasaagna, and still lost just need to count the points and plan the rest of your day/week accordingly!

Here is a link that might be useful: WW Points

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Oh Dee you are so organized!! That is the key, (planning), to successful weight loss and that is why I never lose any weight! I think......LOL

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Do NOT make me come to wake up each and every one of you!

Let us know you are doing!!

NH Suzanne, hope you are having a good week and that you get that one phone call that puts you where you need to be!

Maddie, hoping you have a smile on your face today.

Raeanne, I suspect you are nursing a hangover by now (if you drank all those drinks for us!)

Marci, how's your back?

BJ, if you can read this, we are all missing you terribly!


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Hey Everyone,

Erica is sick AGAIN!!! I don't know whats going on this time. Please say some prayers.

DeeMarie, You are very organized. I need to plan better.

Better get busy.


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Jen: Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

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Good Morning,

Jen, so sorry to hear that Erica is sick again. I hope you can get to the bottom of things soon. In the meantime, ((((((HUGS))))) and I will be thinking of you and keeping you and yours in my prayers. Keep us posted.

DeeMarie, I think you are going to have to go and wake everyone up personally! I can't imagine why more of us aren't checking in.

I am still not at my goal but I am at a respectable number. At least I think it's respectable in spite of what management thinks! I have the possibility of selling something today but it's slim.

This week two members of our carriage driving club have had wrecks while driving thier horses. Everyone is okay, unbelievably but it's scary. Spring is definitely in the air. I plan on putting saddle miles on Sweet Pea before I hitch her to the cart. She just has too much winter blahs to get out of her system first.

I will check in later to see if DeeMarie has mustered any of you MIA's up! LOL

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WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Wednesday, rise and shine! The NYC Metro area has 5 days of rain ahead of us....real downer after Florida for me, but it gives a chance to get some paperwork completed around the house at night and this weekend!


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I am here I am here :::jumping up and down:::::

Jen: Give us and update on Erica when you can! We are worrying right along with you.

DeeMarie: So this morning..I had a banana and non fat yogurt. Am I ok with that stuff. I wish there was a WW nearby because I think I need to be accountable to someone in person. I don't understand why I don't have the willpower or self control. I wonder sometimes if it is because so many years the DEX would threaten me with all kinds of things if I gained weight. Now the SO is a different story...never a word about my weight which in reality isn't out of control...just heavier than when I met him. But I am now at the point where I don't like how I look...but yet I still cannot stay on task...nighttime is the worst time for me and right before dinner...any suggestions would be appreciated!

NHSuzanne: I know how hard it is to meet deadlines that involve $$$. I have been quoting things right and left and now I am calling everyone to see where they are at with my quotes.

So I am trying to check in more often....where the heck is everyone else??


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Good morning!

I'm here, but buried under--but....I would rather be busy than not! :)

Jen--((((((((hugs!!!)))))))) Please let us know about Erica; she's in my pr@yers--

Dee--I eat like that too. I graze all day, and it seems to really be working. I'm eating more than ever, but I'm down 23 pounds since mid-January. Whoda thunk it?? I am watching carbs and fat, and practicing portion control, but I'm following the BOdy-for-Life plan, and I like it. My excerise leaves a lot to be desired, though.

Well, I got a cut and highlite last night, and i love it! I's not much different than what I normally have, but it's been updated, and it looks great. I met the stylist at my gym, and when I mentioned how I loved her hair, she told me she was a stylist, and we went from there! :) The stylist next to her is a riot! She had some friends in last night, and they were talking about going to Fantasy Fest in Key West in Oct. Heck! I wanna party with these ladies!! LOL!!! (the Fantasy Fest is an adult (XXX) themed blow-out, and is supposed to be something to behold!) So, I am getting my brows shaped tonight, and pop in the contacts tomorrow--I'll be stylin'!!! :)

Gotta go--

Hope all is well!



PS--4/8/05 sounds good to me! Although, 4/23 kicks off Derby--:):)

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[[[[[[[[[[[[ERICA & JEN]]]]]]]]]]]]] Please keep us updated on the little one, Jen. Wish I could give you both a great big squeezy hug in person.

Maddie, your hair sound great; we'll need to see an updated picture soon. CONGRATS on those 23 pounds---away forever!!! Yeah!!! Do the happy dance with me, because I just weighed-in and lost another 2 pounds--total is 15 pounds down since February 4. Doin' the happy dance, doin' the happy dance, doin' the happy dance............!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gretchen, you can join Weight Watchers on-line. I think it's about $13 per month, and you get calculators and all sorts of support. They have an official website that I read about in my Sunday paper. Let me know if you have trouble finding it, and I'll ask our leader here about it.

Gotta run...need more of you to check in!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!

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