New machine questions

ezdaveJanuary 14, 2006

I just recently upgrade to a Brother, Disney PE270D

I only want a machine for fun, and to pass the time as a hobby/stress reliever. I do however want to learn to digitize.

Now for my questions.

Is this machine an OK machine or should I look for something else?

What exactly in the software/hardware line do I need to buy for

Digitizing,downloading designs,transferring from computer to machine,making my own designs, etc,etc.?

And for my final question of the moment.

Is there someplace other than retail to find this stuff?

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In regards to my previous post
You can disregard anything that has to do with the Disney PE270D.
I have concluded that it is JUNK.
I have ruined more clothing with this machine in one night
than I did in 8 years working as a mechanic in a junk yard. I'll let you know which machine I get next. This one is going back.

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That is too bad! I got the Brother SE270D for Christmas and have just had a ball decorating everything!
I hope you find one that works for you!

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I have the Janome 300E and love it; It sews beautifully and is so easy to use.

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can someone please tell me how to hoop a t-shirt so I only embroider on the front side

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hi i have just been given a Janome Memory Craft 11000
as a xmas present
i have a lot of patterns in pdf how can i change them to jef can anyone help please

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To hoop a t shirt, you almost have to turn it inside out and STICK it onto the stabiliser - don't try to hoop it. Either use a sticky stabiliser or use a tear away and spray it with basting spray.

PDF files are not embroidery files.

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NEWBIE here: I want a good machine for ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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ezdave - sorry you had so much problems with the 270, i have and love one, but with anything ther is a learning curve. starting out can be frustrating. try practicing on scraps, make block w/ embroidery to make a quilt till you get the hang of it.
feel free to email if you have any problems, maybe i have had them too, but dont go throwing good money after bad till you give it a chance.`............
proper stabilizing is the key to embroidery. i was lucky to have my sis as a mentor when i started the embroidery. my only dislike with the 270 is the 4x4 limitation, just bought a nv1000 (also brother) but am giving the 270 to someone i love whoi will also love it.

for t-shirts the stabilizer has to adhere to the fabric or you will have stretching. they have sticky stabiliser, riron on and u can use basting spray. or bastr it for that matter if you want to take the stitches out. i also use a top stabilizer for t-shirt material.

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I am trying also to do a tee-shirt, and found that hoopng it with the normal amount of stabalizer is useless.
Now, 1. I understand one has to use a full stablizer to the hoop, and a top stablizer (have to get after Xmas!!! 2. Another problem, there is so much material to try and tuck or hold away from the hoop ensuring it doesn't also get caught in the embroidering.
How does one do this!!!!!
I must be dumb or something but no way can you manage to move all the material away from the locking of the hoop, I must be going about it wrong or something.
I have the Simplicity SE3, and a very newbie.

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i an VERY new to embroidery, i have a bernina 430. I did some t-shirts for christmas presents. I just hooped them as you would with anything, with cut-away stabilizer and used small clothespins and safety pins to get the extra material out of my way. I worked out fine.

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hello all. i am so happy i found this forum. i look forward to meeting everyone. i am new to sewing and embroidery.. i am looking to get a quality machine that will allow me to download patterns from the internet.. also i have no idea about thread cost.. is it very expensive. does i go fast. i would like to do pants and pillow cases and window drapes.
i found a brother machine on line that is reconditioned.
is this a good idea..can i make things as good as the pro machines can do? please help me. thank you

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