Dog vomit (yellow bile) on light carpet

LuckyApril 14, 2002

How do you clean bile out of carpet? My dog has always had a very sensitive stomach and vomits occasionally. We're not always around to catch the vomit before he throws up. And OF COURSE he runs to the carpet or our expensive rugs to throw up rather than standing over the laminate flooring or tile.

I've been using the folex carpet cleaner you can find at the grocery stores, but sometimes I need something a little stronger. Any suggestions?

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I use Resolve carpet cleaner and now they make a Pet Stain resolve. I have light carpet also and it has worked for me.

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Club Soda works well too.

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Our dog vomits for no apparent reason, always on the light carpet, always the yellow bile. I've tried EVERYTHING to remove the stains, and find that Oxi Clean (I get it at WalMart)is nothing short of miraculous. Mix it with water as directed and apply to the spot; rinse thoroughly. One warning--it cleans so well that you'll have a clean spot that makes the rest of your carpet look atrocious. After I've cleaned a spot I follow up with my Hoover Steam Vac to make the surrounding area match.

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Soak up the bile with paper towels. Add water to the stain to help loosen the dry particles, and soak up again. Then add baking soda to absorb the excess water and bile. Vacuum up and repeat with water and baking soda at least 2 more times.

This will elimate the odors and lift the stains as much as possible until you can shampoo carpets.

We have 2 dogs and this works really good for their accidents.

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Pet mess stains are organic and require an enzyme digester cleaner. The cleaner must be given time to digest the stains and deodorize the odors. Liquid pet messes tend to settle downward and outward so you will need to clean an area twice the size of the stain. Forum members recommend Nature's Miracle and Odor Ban from Sam's Club. The pet mess cleaners from the pet store contain the enzymes. It is next to impossible to remove odor causing liquids that have settled into carpet pad.

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My dog just did this on brand new light pearl grey carpet in the bedroom. It was grass green and I did not know it for many hours. There were terrible stains. Oxi-Clean - rinse - next day steam cleaning and it was perfect.

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This is the very reason I purchased my Little Green machine from Bissell. Works great ;)

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Oxiclean from Sam's Club is miraculous!!!!

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By the way, no one mentioned why your dog does this. It is not because they have a sensitive stomach or just look for ways to make you mad. Yellow bile vomit is connected to stuffed up anal glands. Ask your vet or your groomer to relieve the pressure in your dog's anal glands (don't worry, they definitely will not laugh) and they will gently sqeeze them to drain them. The dog will quit the disgusting vomit trick immediately. If you are careful to have this procedure done every 3-4 months, you will have no further problems.

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I just had to add my 2 cents. I know all too well about the stuffed up anal glands. My dog had this reoccurring problem. I have heard that the vomiting could also be from not having any food in the stomach and the stomach gets irritated causing the dog to vomit. My dog was going through this and I would give him 2 small dog biscuits before bed and then feed him immediately in the morning. Haven't had any vomiting since I started this. On weekends if we sleep in and he gets fed later then usual he will indeed vomit and it's always on the carpet. I have the little green steam machine that I use to get up the stain and it works fine. You can also try Natures Miracle. My dog also refuses to eat off the floor. He will carry his food morsels into the family room and eat it off the carpet. Drives me nuts!!!!!!

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None of the above will work as well as Nature's Miracle from a pet food store. It's a bottle of enzymes that will break down the stain. After applying the enzymes and waiting, you can over the stain with a steam cleaner and remove the stain entirely.

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This is going to sound nuts but it really works. I spray Lysol disinfectant spray liberally on the carpet and rub off with a clean white cloth and all spots and smudges come off and leave no sticky residue. I've had to clean up more than bile off a pale peach carpet and there is no stain remaining.

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Try Spot Shot from Wal-Mart. I had two elderly dogs that frequently had accidents and Spot Shot works wonders. The stain disappears as you watch. I use it for laundry and all sorts of things, even took road tar out of the carpet at the library where I work.

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Spot shot works most of the time.
If anything remains uy the cleaner for 'stem cleaner' and mix in a spray bottle with hot tap water (about 2-4 ounces per quart of water).
SPray on the spot, scrub lightly, then use a shop vac to vacuum dry the area. Repeat as many times as you need to lift the spot.
Why rent the entire 'steam cleaner' when a scrub brush and a shop vac do the same thing?

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I second the use of of Spot Shot. It has totally removed, indeed, right before your eyes, anything my cats and dog have done to our almost white carpet. Nothing remains. Oxiclean is very bad for carpets. I can't remember why, but it was posted on GW by someone who worked for a carpet manufactureer.

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ok... here's the deal... my dog has been vomiting bile 2 or 3 times a day for the last 3 or 4 days... she's getting old and is sick, but besides that...
i have a dirt devil rug cleaner and it has been working over time and wonders!!! but the last few spots, i have not been able to remove... its a light tan 2 MONTH old carpet and i have 2 or 3 VERY LARGE stains that i cannot get out... tried the professional dry cleaner, the rug cleaner which got 90% of the stain, but you can still see the yellow/orange stain on the light tan carpet...
it has been 24 hours or so and am wondering what i can do now that i have used several products and its been so long?!?!?!??
i am about to go and get some oxiclean just to try it, but am still worried its not going to work...
please help...

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Have you taken your dog to the vet? That shouldn't be happening...hope she's ok.

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Word of warning...often, yellow bile vomit is indeed because the stomach is empty...or just irritated. Do not assume it has a connection to anal glands because that seemed to be the case with one posters dog...and, if anal glands are not self expressing as the dog poops, there will be more evidence than vomit (which I never heard of before being CAUSED by backed up anal glands alone)...the pooch will usually scoot on its rear due to the discomfort..and, there will often be a very unpleasent fishy odor eminating from...ahem...the base of the tale.

Last but not least, over expression of anal glands when not needed can eventually cause the glands to back up, as they will somewhat lose the natual ability to express themsleves on a natural and daily basis.

Diet is also another factor; a diet too heavy on soft food and/or people food or food that is just not the right food for your particular dog can also be the cause of anal gland back-up.
Proper feeding is often all that is needed for the problem to clear itself..with no further manual "expression" required...and improper or over feeding may even be the actual cause of the vomiting as well, with the anal gland issue being a secondary symptom of the improper diet.

Always check first with a vet before embarking on a routine expression of anal it better to find the cause of vomiting and the malfunctioning glands and rectify it if possible...then to assume that one must manually do the job that the glands SHOULD be doing on their own.

As for the vomit, almost all dogs will vomit on occasion...if it become frequent..especially as posted above, the dog should taken to the VET ASAP to be evalauted as a serios and (if left unchecked) possibly life threatening condition could be present.

Better safe than sorry.

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We have a dog that suffered from what we were told was a 'sensitive stomach' for years. She would vomit yellow bile a couple of times per week early in the morning before she ate. Through an online forum and visiting with long-time breeders, I learned just how prevalent H. Pylori bacteria (the nasty stuff that causes ulcers and some stomach cancers) is in dogs. To top it off, studies now prove that H. Pylori is contagious. If a member of your family suffers from ulcers, your dog may as well and vice versa. If one dog has it, others who share bowls, water, food or close contact may also be exposed. My (former)regular vet laughed at the idea. Another vet (who is now my regular vet!) tested the dog, placed her on a course of antibiotics and Tagamet, and no more problems in over two years. She felt better than she had in a long time. I can't believe how much more energy she had-- what we thought was a minor inconvenience could have killed her if we had not looked into it. A friend's dog died suddenly from what was later determined to be a ruptured stomach. Upon necropsy, his stomach lining was bright red and riddled with ulcers. The only sign something was wrong was occasional vomiting of yellow bile. Her other dog was promptly treated for H. Pylori and has stopped vomiting yellow bile as well.

A dog shouldn't be bothered by skipping meals or going several hours without food in his stomach. Many dogs actually benefit from fasting a couple of days a week; dogs did not evolve eating several meals a day and never having an empty stomach. In the wild, dogs eat large meals of fresh meat a few times a week. Don't be fooled into thinking that your dog is ill because his stomach is empty. Feeding a couple of biscuits to 'keep something in his stomach' could only be covering up the symptoms, not causing the problem. Also look at what food you are feeding-- many dogs are unable to digest food containing corn or flours of any sort.

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The problem with Spot Shot is that is is petroleum based and if even a tiny bit remains in the carpet after cleaning it will attract all the dirt in the house to that one spot (kidding but it seems that way).

Oxi Clean is a much better choice, just make sure that you follow the directions for spot cleaning by throughly mixing a very small amount with the hottest water possible in a squirt bottle and applying it to the stain. You will literally see it bubble up and away. Then rinse throughly with clear hot water, preferaly using a Steam Vac or similar to suck out the excess water.

I used Oxi Clean on my VERY light off-white carpet for almost 10 years and two different carpet companies recently told me the carpet was in such good shape that it did not need to be replaced. Pretty funny coming from carpet salesmen. :)

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Please be aware that yellow bile vomit can be a sign of a SERIOUS problem. I KNOW . . . my chocolate lab is now in the animal hospital due to PANCREATITIS. This can cause DEATH if not caught and treated. There are many different causes and Harley, our dog, has had now around 5 bouts of this since we got her years ago . . she is now 7. This is an inflammation of the pancreas and the digestive enzymes are affected. If not treated, the digestive enzymes can build up and start digesting other tissue around the pancreas. This can cause death . . so . . . if you have a dog who is throwing up yellow bile, won't feel like eathing, may have diaharreah (sp), you need to get them to a vet. The sooner you catch this, the less expensive and damaging it is. I learned the hard way . . I just thought she had an upset stomach and let it go for a few days . . we almost lost her. So . . be very careful if your dog has these symptoms . . it is best to get it checked out than pay the consequences of NOT getting it checked out.

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Our dog vomited this yellow bile one week to the day after installing a very expensive wool carpet (and I know it will happen again.) I was advised NOT to use products like Oxi Clean on wool carpeting (or most other products, for that matter.) If I had known this, I never would have purchased this carpeting! Anyway, the special cleaning product I was given did not work at all and the stain remained; the professional cleaner got some of it out, but not all, and I can't afford to keep calling him every time this happens (the rug is a very light camel color.) Can someone help on how to get yellow bile stains out of light WOOL carpeting?

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Please try the spray Lysol as I suggested in my earlier post.

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I'm a pet owner and it gladdens my heart to see that other pet owners are urging you to consult a vet to find the cause of your dog's vomiting.

Please take their advice and have your dog thoroughly checked by a vet. Be sure your vet is aware that your dog vomits constantly, not just "occassionaly". Don't dismiss it as just a "sensitive stomach". If your vet skips a full examanination and dismisses it as a sensitive stomach, find another vet. Your dog should not be vomiting yellow bile as frequently as you describe. Find the reason for it and the carpet stain problem will go away.

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The original poster *did* say "occassionally". I must have picked up "frequently" from another poster who had the same issue with his or her dog.

Still, it might be a good idea to make sure your pet is in good health. If you can eliminate the vomiting, you want have to worry about the carpet as much.

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I can't believe no one knows the Hydrogen Peroxide solution!!! I learned it while a rep and calling on doctors, they use it to take out any carbon based stain (i.e. blood) and it works like a charm!!! Before you put ANY chemical to remove it use this first, the color dissolves like magic...I have very light carpet and you can't see a stain ( my dog throws up bile every so often..she's 14 and had a good life, she just gets anxious sometimes)....I pour it straight onto my carpet and wipe up with a towel..very easy and cheaper to fix than most cleaners...but if you try a cleaner and it doesn't work, odds are it sets in the stain, but HP has worked on set in stains, too...


all over great carpet cleaner ...per 1 gallon of warm-hot water add 1 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup ammonia and 2 tablespoons Lemon Joy....shake it up in a container (I use a large tupperware box with lid) and use only the suds to clean the carpet, just keep shaking when you lose works like a charm! :)

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If your dog has been vomiting for more tthan 2 weeks then you should talk with your vet because it could lead to other type of deadly diseases.

Here is a link that might be useful: dog symptoms vomiting

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If there is vomit debris use a paper plate cut in half and scoop the stuff with both halves of plate into a sack.
Pour BORAX (20 mule team) laundry additive powder on top of spot (be generous). It absorbs like crazy and is CHEAP.
After 24 hours, sweep the now yellow Borax into a dustpan and vacuum the remaining borax up.
If the vomit site is already dried, spray with water and then pour the Borax on top and do above steps.
Borax is also great for smells in the carpet of your car. Spray the carpet with water in a spray bottle and pour Borax generously on carpet, then vacuum at a carwash.

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Another vote for Spot Shot!

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I would stay away from stuff like Resolve and Shout. I have used them as well as a number of other similar products and sometimes they would leave a grayish tint to my carpet. My carpets looked worse with the stains gone and the marks left from Resolve. it was by far the worst thing I used. On top of cleaning the vomit stains, I had to clean the cleaner stains. I was able to get both out with Genesis 950. It is hands down the best cleaner I have used for everything. It's on Amazon, but I have been getting it directly from their website because it is cheaper that way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Remove Pet Vomit Stains

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