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nhsuzanneMarch 21, 2011

Good morning and happy Spring everyone!

Patti, I hope your birthday party continues here today! Maddie and Dee haven't sung to you yet lol.

On this first whole day of spring we are expecting snow, wet, heavy, power outage kind of snow! Sigh... OH well, it can't last long. I have spring bulbs peeking up all around my foundation and they will not retreat at this point.

Hope you all got your laundry done yesterday. I do laundry as I have a full load. I cannot stand to do load after load of laundry. Now that the kids are gone that amounts to two or sometimes three loads a week!

Yesterday was sunny and crystal clear so I spent it outside. I introduced the new goats family to the rest of the barn and they got mixed reviews! Some of them surprisingly harsh. This is not going to be as easy as I hoped but it will eventually all work out. In the meantime it was a great joy watching those babies springing in the air enjoying themselves. They are so fun to watch.

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Good morning from Ontario also.

There are only 2 of us, so not that much laundry. We don't like doing a lot in one day eiher, so do whites on Monday and colored on Tuesday. Works well for us.

We have had so much snow this winter, in large quantities at a time. However, the last few days have been milder and it is hard to believe the quantity that has disappeared since a week ago.

We have bulbs peaking up, too. In fact I noticed yesterday that some daffodils have buds on them. Hope they survive.

The scales were better to me last week. I lost 1 pound. I was able to get out and do some walking with the dog when the ice was off the sidewalks. Hope I can continue to do that.

I had my follow up with the surgeon this last week. The next step is an appointment with the cancer clinic to see what treatment they are going to use. I haven't received the date yet. They had talked to the radiologist and were told that radiation would not cause a flare-up of the polymyalgia. That is good news, if that is the route they decide to take.

All the best to everyone.

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Happy (belated) Birthday to you......
Happy (belated) Birthday to you......
Happy (belated) Birrrttthhhddaaaaa, dear Pattiiiiiiiiiii
Happy (belated) Birthday to you.

Patti, as the one of the founding members of our little community, you are a joy to know and always have good advice for others. I hope that this year will bring you peace and happiness in your new home. Enjoy!!!

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Bad news first:

Well, I spent Saturday cleaning out the chicken coop and spreading hay. The chicken was thrilled! And today, I walked out to go to work and the raccoons had ripped the day completely off the hinges and ate the chicken...feathers everywhere. That was our last chicken...

It's nature, but the raccoons around here are like gangsters and they they have no predators. They are SO bold and so hungry. I don't really like them very much.

More...my SIL cancer has spread into her hip and spine,so at the end of last week, she was dropped from the clinical trials. They are looking for another trial but it's not likely they'll find one.

And, lastly, one of my "new" friends had a mammogram and it was bad news. I'm traveling with her to consider medical options later this week.

Now, GOOD news! ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATTI!!!! You have been so sun-shiny here...FOR YEARS! I hope you had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!! Muh-wah! KISSES!

NHSuzanne! VERY cool pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Raeanne~ Those were NHSuzanne's pics... Laundry - so much of it for me to do! I do laundry ALL WEEK LONG! Mountains of it! Thansk for keeping me company.

Ivamae: Thinking of you...

Wodka ((((HUGS))))

Besh ((((((((BIG HUGGGLES to you))))))

I am so very grateful to have you guys in my life...because you keep me grounded and help me keep my focus. This is a gift!

And...this link is for Maddie...start thinking about Derby Time girlfriend!

Here is a link that might be useful: Glory B Hats

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Hugs my Dear, dear Friends!!! So many bad things going on in this world. Sometimes it is very difficult to think positive thoughts. Much love to everyone.

Dee~Thanks for the brilliant song. It made this a very sunshiny day. :)

We are leaving in 2 more days. We plan to leave out of here Wednesday evening sometime. So many things happening. Really getting excited to go pick up our rescue furbabies!!! Well, this may be my last chance to post this week & if so, I will catch you next week when I get a chance in TX. Take care Friends! Love~Patti

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Oh BJ, the dreaded raccoon! Clever yes, deadly yes, determined yes!!. Especially to chickens. I stopped feeding birds at feeders when I got my first flock for fear of attracting raccoons. So sorry So sorry about SIL too.

Patti, I missed something about new furbabies and can't wait to hear.

It's still snowing...........

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I've ate after dark twice since I last logged in. Also I haven't drank as much water as I should. ive still done fairly well.

I didn't weigh in last Monday because my DH took me out of town for our anniversary. The trip into the National park--precious memories.

It Hailed here till it looks like snow! Our weather has been wetter in the past three months then in the past 3 years combined.


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Hi all!

Patti! Happy belated birthday! We love you (and Dave, too, of course)!! Have a very safe trip, and let us know when you arrive.

Beege--ahhh...hats...love 'em! I wish I could think of the name of a great new designer that I've seen for the past couple of years--her hats are w.i.l.d! I'm going to have to go fake shopping to see if I can remember her name--I wish you were coming in for the BBQ! How's your mom, btw? I'm sorry about your chicky.

Well, things aren't too good here. DH is being a DHead, and I have come to the realization that I understand what Princess Diana meant when she said there was 3 people in her marriage. DHead has turned into his dad, and is spending all his extra time at his Moms, doing work at her place (while 34yo BIL plays WOW), or he is running here or there for her, or planning stuff, and generally behaving like his dad. MIL is eating all of this up, of course, and I am, once again, the odd-man out. She treated me like dirt this past weekend, and DHead told me this morning that he didn't "give a sh** what you (I) do". I am tired, and I don't need this, particulary now.

Anyhoo, hope all is well with everyone!



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Maddie: ((((HUGS)))))) GAH! That's not nice of HIM! My DH has been a Mamma's Boy on and off and always causes FRICTION...

Girls work so hard to keep everything balanced and calm...but it's just a matter of time before the volcano blows....I hear this a lot...it's a cycle.

Hang in there...

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Thanks, BJ--he came stomping in earlier, and just radiating vileness. I'm actually surprised that he came home as I figured that he'd go running to mommy. (insert much eyerolling here-)

And you're right--you all can just call me "Mount St. Helen", or Hel for short--lol!

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Happy Tuesday!

Belated happy, joyous birthday wishes to Patti!

It's sure strange here - all of us facing tough battles. I'm sending positive energy to everyone in need, including your friends and family who are toughing it through some tremendous hardships. May God bless them all, and you too.

It's been crazy busy for me. Lots of planting up my plants into bigger pots, still starting seeds on my wire greenhouse stand that I have inside my craft room against a patio door. Been potting up tomato plants that are now blooming and have started forming tomatoes. They are indoor plants - I'm stealing big window space in the hall to grow them on. I'm starting new tomato seedlings over the next month for the outdoor garden - 3rd week in May for me - zone 5a Ontario.

Sunday had one hell of a scare. Had to call 911 for DH. I can't recall if I spoke of this or not last Sunday - he had severe dizziness, nausea, vision blacking out and had to lie down. They ruled everything out at the hospital and concluded it must have been a severe bout of vertigo. The only thing they could not explain was the fact that for the first 1 1/2 hours his blood pressure was all over the map into dangerously high levels. A few hours later it calmed right back down to his normal range of 117/65. His family doctor has experienced him having bouts of very weird blood pressure to the point of having dangerous levels and then back down to his normal low. No one can explain that. They did find from the cat scan the beginning of plaque in his neck arteries. Family doc has had his legs scanned at the heart clinic - again the nurse was baffled because of his low blood pressure and he did not seem to be a high risk - but we are waiting for that assessment from last week to get to his doc. Abnormal seems to be our normal - not fitting the textbook standards is the same for both of us.

So I have to admit to a few days of horrid eating - carbs, cookies and just plain ol' hungry. Not looking back I started damage control yesterday and have dropped 2 of the 4 pounds I put on. It will come off as it was just my tummy showing those few pounds - plus that stuff I ate probably had salt in it (don't normally use much salt).

Spring is here - it's a cool one as forecasted. Fine for me because I have lots of garden beds to put in. I prefer the cool weather when flipped, busting up and raking new beds. I don't over heat that way.

I'm still here, just really busy right now.

Hang in there everyone. My heart is with you. Don't forget your needs while supporting family and friends. If you can think ahead and prepare some grab'n'go foods/snacks and water you won't be stuck at vending machines or canteen stops.

LOL to everyone,

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Good Wednesday all,

Wow, where is everyone? It's been a nice day here - no snow - until tomorrow! Ugh. It needs to leave now.

Come out, come out where ever you are....

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Good morning ya'll,

Been very busy sorting through boxes/totes from moving in. Also have Spring Fever Clean Me big time. Washing down living room rocking chair cushions, covers. Borrowing a carpet cleaner that has the upholstery attachment to do the couch. My first year living with a woodstove. I can sure see the minute black dust on the fabric now that the sun is getting stronger.

Still potting up more seedlings into bigger containers, starting fresh seeds to transplant out like tomatoes. We are south facing with huge windows - I already have tomato buds and minute tomato babies starting to show on my indoor plants....yeah. With food prices starting to climb, I'm not regretting any effort to grow food. Hubby gets it too since he is the financial tracker out of the two of us - which I don't mind. He squirrels pennies. My habit is just give me spending money in small amounts...I do use my debit card but we are both at the point after clearing and continuing to clear stuff from unpacking - do I need this? Is it a luxury item? Like everyone else worldwide - our grocery shopping has become very frugal. We can still allow ourselves our luxury spend there. And keeping in mind we are still spending money to finish the interior of this house. So please excuse my absence - snow is gone, we're prepping the house for painting, Dave is working on making the kitchen cupboards when we have warm days in his shop. And we seem to have appointments, like many here, all over the place. We are learning more that being rural now, an appointment can take a good part of your day because of the distance.

I know I'm working on maintenance - I've gained a couple of pounds because I was not tracking my food. Tracking food works best for me. I'm one of those people if asked what I ate yesterday my answer would be 'coffee'.

Also moving more around here is getting me geared up a bit more for digging virgin soil for garden beds.

How are you doing this week? My continued prayers, positive thinking and hugs to everyone, including your sick friends who are struggling. May God bless us and help us through difficult times.

Okay - let's get moving. Even just get out for a walk. Housework counts but getting away from it and taking a stroll is good for the soul.


P.S. Anyone else spring cleaning or decluttering?

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Good morning.

Looks like I've missed a lot while not visiting. I will have to read and catch up, but first off, happy belated birthday, Patti!

Husband was able to have chemo on Monday, platelets were up, better than they've been in a while. He also had a CT scan on Monday to see if the treatment is working. We were literally walking out the door to drive to the appointment for the results when the doctor's office called, saying she had to go home, ill. So, we are scheduled for tomorrow at 10:15 CST. Please say a prayer that we receive good news, or at least some hope to continue this battle.

I am not journaling my food, but am walking 5 miles each weekday morning. It's such a treat, this time of year, with everything in bloom.

BJ, I'm sorry about your chicken. We have critters here, too, including racoons. Something (racoon, armadillo, possum) is wreaking havoc on the neighborhood yards. My friend has caught several in her trap, but now the animal has gotten too wise, and manages to get inside to get the food and get out without getting trapped. One morning he flipped the whole cage over, as if "I'll show her!"

On a more serious note, BJ, I'm so sad to hear the news about your SIL. I will pray that something new is developed in the clinical trials that can help her. All we want is hope, isn't it?

Ivamae, you never cease to amaze me with your positive spirit! All that you are going through, and you still manage to stick to your healthy lifestyle. You are amazing.

Maddie, I hope your DH gets his head on straight. My friend I walk with has a very similar situation. Her husband dotes on his mother daily, does practically everything for her, and it is causing friction in their marriage. The mother's every wish is his command, and she treats my friend like she was also born to wait on her. She gets so upset just telling me about it, I'm worried that it's going to make her sick. Other than our walking, she has very little time to herself.

Peggy, hope your husband is on the mend and it's nothing serious. It's scary when they are sick. In answer to your question, I need to spring clean desperately, today would be the perfect day, but here I sit!

I hope we all have a good day and even better weekend.

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[[[[[Big Squeezy Hugs to Everyone]]]]]]]

Lots going on here, and want to let everyone know that I think of my family here often. You are in my prayers.

Hectic week that I can't go into now, but hope to catch you up on soon.

The lung specialist just called and told me my overnight sleep study is scheduled for next Thursday. Looking forward to resolution.

My assistant has been working from home for over 2 weeks in terrible back pain. She had an MRI yesterday and will hear results within the next week. Hopefully the diagnosis will be one filled with some ways to help her, as she has not been well for over 2 years. I suspect she was misdiagnosed with RA. If you could spare a few good thoughts for her, please do so.

We had 2 days of snow....and I am so tired of it. When we returned from Florida, I was actually able to see the grass and some small flowers sneaking up from around our big tree up front. Poor little dears are all covered up again, and no doubt shaking from the cold!

Please take care of yourselves and be well!

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Hi Guys!

Wodka: We have a light shining your way - EVERY day!

Ivamae: Same goes for you, girlfriend!

Peg: So funny that you mention spring cleaning. I always choose a book each spring to motivate me into cleaning! The link to this year's is below and it just arrived today. The high school is having their Senior Class Party fund raiser and it's garage sale - and drop-off day is tomorrow! I am going to scramble around and get some stuff together for them! Quicky clean out!

NHSuzanne - You were Wednesday's child, I see. All alone on the board! I was off-island with my pal as she got a biopsy - keep your fingers crossed that it's NOTHING! Did I say that loud enough? NOTHING!

Okay, back to the grind.

But this weekend:

I am having my DD's 15th b-day this weekend and she's having a slumber party. AND, I am getting TWO 3 year olds for the weekend! FULL HOUSE and BUSY ME!

Here is a link that might be useful: The NOW Habit

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Hi all!

Not much time to post, but wanted to say hi!



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