Singer XL6000 vs.Viking Designer SE

scootersgirlJanuary 16, 2005

I'm new to the embroidery side of sewing but I want to buy a machine that I won't have to or want to replace in the next 5-10 yrs. DH has made it clear that $$ is no object. These are the machines I have looked at sofar. Does any one have any in put?

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I also looked at both and I like the Singer XL600 better
because of the Automatic Threading SystemÂ
Wind-in-Place Bobbin SystemÂ
Auto Thread Exchanger With Larger Thread BaseÂ
Endless BobbinÂ
Singer-patented quilting stitch
Fully Upgradeable Via Smart Card Slot
Pop Up Instructions

I like the endless bobbin nothing worst than when you are embroidery and run out of embroidery thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now you have to go back to were you left off!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When this question came up in the past I posted what experience I had.

Our local JoAnn's used to have Singer inside the store which was operated independently. The manager of the Singer area told me that she quit because the quality of the Singer machines was now terrible because they were all being made in China and she thought they were inferior. She had been a sewer for years and had a Singer-an older one which she loved.

When Husqvarna Viking went into JoAnn's she was hired as the Manager and absolutely fell in love with the Viking machines. She had many years experience and told me that there was absolutely no comparison and that the Husqvarna machines were made in Sweden and that they had a superior quality control and great warrantees etc.

I had a NewHome/Janome machine and ended up buying the Des 1 after starting out with The Rose and then the 1+, so have owned Viking machines now for about 10 years and am a huge convert!

I hope this helps you to decide-good luck!


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Singer XL5000 and XL6000 made by Juki ,who `s #1 industrial manufacturing in the world and they both are made in Japan.
This is the same company,who make all Bernina sergers. Also Singer embroidery machines have the best warranty on the market

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I've been researching a new machine, and it seems to me that the XL 6000 and the ELNA Xquisit II are basically the same machine. Does anyone have any information on that?

The multi-hoop function seems to be something that I can use. Does anyone have any experience with it?

The other ELNA embroidery machines seem to be made by Janome, and although their quality seems fine, I want to be able to use a larger hoop than they offer.

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The digner SE also have automatic threading , I believe. My DH wants to buy it for me but the price is outrageous/ I have the Lily 550 now.

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maxpocatello has a product tour on the Singer XL6000 that I found very helpfull

Here is a link that might be useful: Singer XL6000 product tour

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The only problem with Husqvarna is that everything is proprietarily expensive (one foot will cost you $65) and nothing after-market will fit. The design cards and software are just as expensive. You might have a fighting chance with Embird to do other things but still need the Husqvarna software for most things.

With Singer you can buy after-market low bar feet without your pocketbook getting badly gouged. I have a CE-200 that converts any free design to the required format and believe the XL-6000 probably does the same. Both connect to your computer to embroider so you do have to have a free dedicated USB connection...the machines do not do wireless connections.

Since your husband said price is no object, you might as well get a good supply of the different stabilizers, needles, machine embroidery thread (can't use regular thread), at least one extra package of bobbins, a good sturdy table, embroidery scissors, and storage items for the embroidery supplies.

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If price is no object, be sure to check out the Bernina machines. The Artista 730 has the patented BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) that will enable you to do free-motion quilting with perfectly even stitches, no matter how fast or how slow you go. I have the Artista 200 (an earlier product line) that embroiders and sews like a dream. Large stitching field for embroidery, plus you can purchase the Mega Hoop for longer designs. The newest version of the digitizing software, V.5, will allow you to split designs into multiple hoopings so you can do very large designs like on jacket backs. I love my Berninas (I also own the Activa 145 which is now the 200 product line, I believe), can't say enough good things about them. Swiss made, heavy and durable. Presser feet run in the 20 dollar range for most, except for walking foot, bias binder foot...they run higher, of course. Be sure to take lessons from your dealer, no matter what you get. Nothing can substitute for hands-on and personal training.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bernina Website

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Having seen and used both, I can tell you the Designer SE,
along with its older model the Designer 1 have the best
stitch for regular sewing. The feet are around $25 bucks,
not $65 and mentioned earlier. Both have the same exact
warranty (25 years on the machine, 5 years on electronics).
The XL-6000 is an update of the 5000 and its price in
comparison to the SE is about half
(I have seen the XL-6000 on sale at trade shows for
about $2600 dollars without software, $3600 with the
software, the SE will be around ±$6,000.00 with very
basic software and the professional software will
run you another grand or better). The self threading
feature of the XL-6000 is great when it works,
make sure you use very high quality thread.
Even when it was demonstrated to me it messed
up and had to be untangled to restart.
The XL-6000 with its almost endless bobbin system
is its best feature. Ergonomically the SE is the
easiest to use although the more expensive software
can be hard to learn.Bang for the buck, if you find
a good singer dealer you can't go wrong with the XL-6000.
I, however still prefer the Designer SE
( unique features of the SE include the sensor foot system,
auto-thread cutting, the lighting system used is
superior to anything on the market, separate
motors are used to wind a bobbin and sew,
so you can wind a bobbin while you are sewing!!!

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Just as an aside, Embird software now reads and writes to .shv for Designer 1's.

Pfaff and Husqvarna Viking have both got a new "Fabric Mover" accessory on the market that automates free motion stitching.

The HQV feet can be pricey but are beautifully made.

Try reading sewing machine reviews on

I bought a used D1, knowing that it had a great reputation. I figure I can check out the high end sewing and machine embroidery world on this machine and then if I feel I really need to upgrade to the TOL stratosphere, I can do that in a couple of years and be MUCH more knowledgeable when I demo other machines.

I did choose a dealer I could talk with. He's an hour away but he was very supportive in talking/emailing with me about my purchase even though he knew I was on a tight budget. I have bought lots of accessories from him since. A good dealer is worth finding, even if it involves a long drive.

Finally, think of going to a sewing expo to demo all the machines you have on your short list. All the machines will be right there and you can demo and re-demo to your heart's content (and watch what goes wonky when others demo).

Let us know what you decide!

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The Designer SE is terrific. I know nothing about the other machines. When I was young, our neighbor had a Singer and my mom had a Viking. The neighbor said we were lucky because the Singer wasn't very good. But that was a long time ago. Still, my mom's Viking lasted over 50 years. They make tractors, after all! The only problem I'm having now is in upgrading the software and "firmware." To get the firmware to upgrade properly, you must disable your security--as even though it asks if you wish to "allow" this or that internet connection, it doesn't really mean. Once I disabled the security system (firewall protection), my firmware loaded just fine.

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