Why can I get a good picture sometimes...?

ilmbgJanuary 16, 2013

I have two tv's. a small one in the bedroom and a 32" in the livinroom.
I just got the small one last night.
I can,t get cable at $70/month, so I use either rabbit ears, or a digital indoor panel antenna.
Last night I had a perfect picture with the rabbit ears-perfect. Today, zip.
Sometimes that happens with the larger tv, but not often.
I called the local tv station. I face the tower, and they do not decrease the signal at any time.
The weather is good. No wind, rain, clouds.
Could the smaller tv receive a weaker signal?
Is there any way to increase the signal? Does not seem to matter if I use rabbit ears or a digital antenna.
What can I do so I can watch tv?
Buying cable at $70+per month is not an option.

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Over the air digital signals, unlike analog, are much less tolerant of signal obstructions and multi-path distortion (the same signal bouncing off structures or terrain and arriving at the same time).

Unlike analog, where obstructions caused snow, and multi-path distortion caused ghosts, DTV just blanks the signal altogether.

Depending on your distance from the transmitters, a small self-contained outdoor antenna, with a built-in preamplifier, may be all you need to fix the problem. You could split the signal and feed both televisions.

Sure, one television may be better than another in it's tuner design but has little to do with the size of the display.

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