Embird/PE Design...?

heymominpghJanuary 5, 2007

Hi folks,

I have a Brother SE270-D, already have PE Basic which is great for d/l designs and putting them on to the card. My sewing field is 4 x 4 - I received the Large Brother hoop for Christmas, along with the very small one - my question is, for those of you who have Embird, what can it do that the PE Basic can't? I do not have the money to purchase PE Design (anywhere from $700 on up...) - I'd like to learn how to rehoop, purchase split designs and utilize the big hoop for that. Would there be any benefits of having both? I thought I read somewhere that Embird will allow you to split designs - I really have no complaints about this machine - I'm not wild about the lettering and I can't figure out how to type 2 words and put a space in between the 2 words.

Any thoughts?

Thank you !


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I have Embird, It allows you to split designs. It is not that expensive. You can buy separate parts of it. I think that you can get a free trial version of it. Try it out and see if you like it. Colleen

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I don't know anything about the Embird but I do have a Se-270D and the way you put a space between the words is to use the underscore _ between the words. It does not show so it just looks like a space...pretty weird but it works.

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I have Embird, too, and PE Design. Colleen, how do you get designs from Embird to your machine? Do you use the Ultimate Box? My machine takes a little card that only the PE Design box can write, and Embird doesn't talk to it. So I have to edit designs in Embird and then open them in PE Design to write them to the card. MY PE Design is a really old version so trying to do any of the editing with it is a royal PIA.

Anyway, the basic Embird program is pretty inexpensive and you can combine, resize and edit designs with it.


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