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mimi03January 17, 2009

I am VERY new to the embroidery world. I have just purchased the Brother PED basic card writer. I do not understand how to get the "free downloads" from internet to PED card. I am usually NOT computer stupid but this one is making me CRAZY. HELP!!!!!!

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I just got the ped basic also and managed to figure it out, but now it seems I can only download one design to the memory card at a time! AAHHHHHGGGGG! I get this "all original card data will be deleted" message after I download one design. Is there a way to get numerous designs onto the card? Someone please help!

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When you have downloaded the designs from wherever, put them all in an easy to find folder, I have mine on the desktop, called EMBDESIGNS.

When you open PED Basic, at the top of the left screen, you will see a button with a folder icon on it. Click this button and browse with this menu to your design folder, and click on your design folder.
It will then display all of your designs in the left screen.

When you want to put something on the card, click on it to highlight, and then click the little arrow (in the center of the 2 screens) pointing to the right screen. It should copy the design into the right screen. NOW.... do the same thing with more designs until the little gauge above the right screen reads 100% full, OR until you are done, you dont have to fill up the card.

Then click on the icon underneath the right screen, it's a card with an arrow pointing to it, and it will then write all of your chosen designs to the card. It DOES erase what is on the card from the last time you filled it, regardless of how much room there is on the card.

I think your problem was that you were trying to write each design individually, and that doesn't work. You can put whatever you want that fits on there, but you don't click on the card/arrow button until you are done choosing designs...

I hope that helps ya.

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