Really, really need help with DVD Recorder

SunflowerMomJanuary 12, 2007

I got a Panasonic DVD Recorder / VCR combo (DMR-ES35V) for Christmas. I have the VCR part figured out for recording, but I am at a loss with the DVD recorder side. I have never had a DVD recorder before. This manual is just all over the place, always referring you to page such and such. I am not sure where to begin or what to do. I am quite sure that I have the proper DVD-RW for this unit. Could somebody please give me an outline of what to do in what order to record tv programs. Any preparation steps I need to do for the DVDs before recording or anything after. What is this chapter, editing stuff all about. (Do I need to bother with it if I am only doing several one hour shows on one DVD?) If someone can give me an outline of what to do in what order, then maybe, I can find the instructions for each step and accomplish a recording. I am assuming that once I get the basics, the manual may make more sense to me the next time through. Thank you for your help!

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I'll try to give you some pointers, I have a Panasonic VCR/DVD combo also. Yours is newer so probably a different model. Your machine should take several types of disks. For the DVD-RW, you may have to format the disk before recording. I use DVD+R, which do not need to be formatted, but do need to be finalized after recording. So find your type of disk in the manuel and follow instructions. There should be a section in the manual explaining the types of disks that your machine uses. You will probably push the Functions button on your remote, get a menu and go to Disk Management (that's how I finalize on mine.) ONce you've got the disk ready, it's very easy to record: The record speed (just like on a VCR) has to be set before you start. Push the Mode button and you should get a box on the screen that tells you the recording time on the disk: SP for 2 hours, etc. That's what I use most of the time. If you want to get 4 shows on one disk, you can use the 4 hour mode, the quality will be little worse. Remeber, disks are pretty cheap. Once you have the speed set, and your show is on, just push the Record button. Now, if you're going to record more than one show, you won't be able to finalize the disk until you have everything on it that you want. ONce you finalize that type disk, it's not recordable any more. The exception to this is the RAM disk, which your Panasonic should also use (check manual). You can record, re-record, edit, etc. But they are more expensive. If you aren't saving the shows permanently, you might just buy a few RAM disks and record over them. They don't have to be formatted or finalized. If you want to set the machine to record while you're gone, you have to go through the menus and set it up, just like a VCR. You'll have to read the manual and try going through the menu, can't help you much there. I hope this helps a little, I know that the manual and menus can be confusing, but it's not much different than a VCR once you do it a few times. Good luck.

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