phillips magnavox 27inch model#RP2748 B101 chassis#27x102-00AA

codenameziggieJanuary 27, 2009

My tv started to act strange a few days ago,it started with the picture starting to flip like a virtual hold problem,so i just unpluged it and waited a few hours,then when i went to turn it back on it just displayed a whitish gray screen with lines,the sound is fine,and it gets brighter when left on,but it dont shut itself off or anything,I can turn it on and it stays on till I turn it off,I have found some info with that kinda problem that im having,but they all say their tv's shut themselves off and something about a R3304 or sum such 10 ome resister on the crt board I have looked for this and I dont see anything like that? I hope someone can help me with this,I know this tv is kinda old it was made in 1993,but it has been left to me by my passed uncle so it means alot to me if I can get it working again, thanks to anyone that might be able to help me

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