Panasonic TV TH-42PW4UZ standby issue

leeredJanuary 3, 2012

Suddenly my TV will go on stand-by mode within a few seconds from turning on. Details: if left unplugged for a while it will work just fine. I left it plugged in and in stand-by mode ( so that I can turn it on/off using the remote) a couple of days and when I tried to turn it on , using the remote control, I heard the sound and before the image comes up, I heard a "click" and the TV went back to standby. I tried using different inputs or turning it ON/OFF from the power button and it behaves the same. At this point, I need to know if this is easy/cheap to fix or, I just recycle it?! Any info is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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While there's always a one in a million chance that it could be an easy/cheap fix, I seriously doubt it. Component failure at this age is not unusual and especially when considering the amount of heat produced by plasma displays.

This is a ten year old, 480p plasma display, without any HDMI connectivity, and uses 395 watts - I think it may be a good time to go shopping!

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Good points! :-) Thanks!

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