need advice for embroidering fabric-covered buttons

quirkpodJanuary 5, 2007

I am making a long black wool coat. It's almost done. Now I need 5 buttons, and have chosen to make fabric covered buttons. Wouldnt it pretty if I embroidered them first? This would be hand-embroidery. Or needlepoint or pettipoint or cross stitch? Ideas please. I will need to see some tiny floral patterns and dont know where to find some. I went to the craft store but they didnt have anything appropriate. Thank you.

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I think that you could get a picture on the internet, print it out and copy it onto the fabric. You probably should decide how big you want the buttons and then do the embroidery before you cut the fabric to fit the buttons. Type mini flowers into goggle and hit images. Then you get a bunch to choose from. Colleen

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Sorry, but that did not give me anything I could use (it was all off-topic).

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