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East_Texas_MelodyJanuary 22, 2012

I have a number of "home movies" that I would like to transfer to DVD... what is the best way to do that? I've been searching and I can't find a clear answer.

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You might still be able to find a combo DVD Recorder/VCR online, though they're getting hard to find in the stores as it's not a popular item. I have a JVC DRMV150 and it will dub a tape to a disc. The quality is adequate. This would be a good choice if you're willing to put the disc in and let it play, but not so good if you need to FF and REW a lot...this machine doesn't work that way. If you want to record live tv, make sure you buy one with a tuner as not all of them do.

The other choice would be to pay a professional to do it. You could choose to have the scenes recorded in any order you desire and have them split up into multiple menu entries if you want to watch some but not all of them.

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How many tapes? U need a VCR and a DVD recorder at least. If u have 2 or 3 tapes to transfer it might be easier to pay someone to do it. I did the 8mm film to VHS swap yrs ago. Than I put them on DVD. Might put the content on my comp hd someday. Or utube?

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Your DVDs should fwd/rev search like any other DVD videos.

What media type are you recording on (i.e. DVD -/+ R/RW/RAM)?

Are you recording in the DVD Video or DVD VR mode?

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I haven't started doing anything... I have more the 10-12 DVD and 8MM I wont to put on DVD... or Blue Ray. Could it possibly be as easy as connecting the two and push play and record?

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I'm using DVD +R RW. As for which mode...don't really know. This machine doesn't ask me to choose a mode. I've tried to search fwd/rev and it seemed to cause the machine fits so I stopped. Don't really need that function anyway and I didn't want to screw things up trying to get it to work.

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Sounds like the disc is recorded in the DVD VR mode which can be selected in the initialize menu - depending upon media type.

If you have a blank DVD-R (not DVD-RW) disc around, you can try recording on that. The DVD recorder will recognize the media, initialize it only in the DVD Video format, record on it, and finalize it before you can eject it. It won't require any setting changes and won't screw anything up.

Just might help identify and provide a way to resolve the problem.

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The reason I have DVD +R RW is because that's mostly what is available in the stores. I don't recall seeing a -R disc on the shelf, but I'll look. With the +R discs I have, it gets initialized before I even see a menu. When I put it in, I have to choose between "INITIALIZE" or "CANCEL" immediately. I have about 80 discs on hand, so it'll be a while before I buy more. Thanks for the info.

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