Wet carpet -- please help!

homeownersueApril 24, 2007

This is cross-post from flooring, maybe someone can help here too...

How wet must carpet be for replacement? Here's my tale of woe: I hired painters (with good track record on Angies list) to remove wallpaper and paint. Today was wallpaper removal day. They taped down heavy duty plastic around perimeter of wall to wall carpeted bedroom, then put tarp on top. Used pump sprayer/DIF mixture to remove wallpaper. They left here at 11. I just went in a little while ago (6 p.m.) to uncover floor air vents to turn on AC as it has gotten very hot. The carpet is wet along the perimeter, in some places as much as a foot in, more so in corners. Not dripping but pretty wet. The padding seems damp -- however, this is padding that has a top and bottom moisture guard kind of thing (meant to preserve padding in the event of a kid peeing through diaper or pet accident).

I don't really want to pull up all the carpet and padding since I'll have to have the entire floor redone in that event. However, I don't want mold.

For those who are wondering, yes, I called the contractor and our call got cut off (and she now isn't picking up her cell phone), and she seemed more concerned with establishing that the tape hadn't come up (it hadn't) than being concerned about the damage.

Ideas about how to preserve carpet and padding would be greatly welcome and thanks for reading and letting me vent. I live alone and there is no one to vent to here right now.

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Wet carpet has never been an issue that I've ever seen. You could...

Bring in a carpet cleaning company. They can suck the water out of the carpet.

Buy a wet/dry vac that can do the same. These cost relatively little (on the order of $100.) I've used one for years on our carpet to clean up spills or dog related problems.

Set up some fans and/or a dehumidifier to dry it out.

A little water will not kill it. Yes, you want to dry it out before it gets moldy, but it won't take that much effort.


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Thanks, John. I actually did pull corners (the wettest area) and then called a friendly flooring place and someone actually was there. He prescribed lots of air conditioning and fans, but came to the same conclusion as you-- probably this will be ok. I've been moving around the fans and in just three hours, drying is proceeding very nicely. Thanks for taking the time to respond -- and I think it might not be a bad idea to get one of those wet/dry vacs to have around anyhow. I hear they are very good for all sorts of projects, not just "emergencies."

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Good to hear you sorted out the problem. The main thing to remember is that "wet goes to dry." In most jobs we attend as professional wet carpet restorers involve these steps

1. Extract water with carpet cleaning machine
2. Install air mover to blow air underneath between carpet and carpet underlay. (3 day dry down time on average). Use dehumidification if there is no negative air in room or humidity is high.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wet Carpet

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Steam clean it. Then it will be the same wet all over.

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