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marci_paMarch 7, 2005

Good Monday Morning!

Here are the "rules" of the photo contest for anyone who wants to participate. I will wait until I get all the photos and then let you know when I get them in the album.

Send me, either through snail mail or email, a photo of yourself anywhere from infant to 5 years. (I will return any photos people want back.) Don't mention on the thread what age photo you sent or give any details about the photo. When I get a picture from everyone who wants to participate, I will put them in an album on Picture Trail. Then we can guess who is who. I will have a small prize for the one who guesses the most right.

Let's have some fun!


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Hello.....I am finally posting.

Raeanne - Happy Belated B-day!!!!! Sounds like it was nice.

NH Suzanne - sorry about Fred.

My Mom and Dad are visiting me and DH for about 6 weeks. They have been here two weeks now. Last week on Monday, I got a call from my DH, said " get home something is wrong with your father, the paramedics are here, get home." Well, I raced home. As soon as I saw my street, it had been blocked off by police, and the life flight helicopter was landing in the empty lot across the street from my house. was awful..... needless to say....he was life flighted to the hospital in fort myers and what happened was that he went into the pool and passed out. No one knew what happened. My husband was talking to both mom and dad and went into the house into the bathroom, saw our cat Simon curled up in the sink and came out to tell my parents about it. Saw my dad floating face down in the pool. He pulled him out, he was blue already. Gave him mouth to mouth and had 911 on the phone. I love my DH.....anywhooo.... the paramedics could not get him conscious....didn't like his vitals and call in the copter. Plus, he has a history of a heart problem. Anywhoo.....bottom line is his potassium droped and that is why he passed out. Unfortunately it was while he was in the pool. Man, oh, man...things worked out fine. So, he had to go for a follow up last week. So I need no more drama for quite awhile. Plus, my DH and cat simon are my heros......We are all fine now.....and had a very uneventful weekend.

Love the picture idea. I will try to send one this week.

Hope to write again later. Everyone take care...


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Holy Schmoly, Lynn! I'm so glad you're dad is OK!!! My goodness-*I'd* had a heart attack if I came home and saw that! Sending lots of (((((hugs)))) and pr@yers to you and your family--

Marci--I'll send one snail mail--I can't get the stupid scanner to work--

Be back--someones at the door-



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Let me scan one and send it in!

NHSUZANNE: Welcome back...I have missed you. I am so sorry about Fred and having been around goats...they are quite characters.

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Good Morning,

Lynn, Thank goodness your Dad is alright.

Marci, I am trying to find someone with a scanner.

I am ready for Easter break. Better run.


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Lynn - What a scary story. Thank goodness it has a happy ending.

Jen - If you want to mail me the picture, I will scan it and send it back to you. Just another option if all else fails.

Two hour delay this morning. The back roads must be icy. And just yesterday it was almost 60!! Gotta love this weather.

DD lost her wallet over the weekend and is in a panic. She has retraced her steps and can't locate it. She is now in the process of replacing and/or cancelling everything she can remember. I am just hoping nothing in her wallet contained her SS#. Thank goodness her student ID no longer has her SS# on it.

Gotta run and finish packing my lunch.


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Hey girls, I need your help. I am getting ready to buy a digital camera and I don't know what kind/model to get. From what I have researched, I need at least 5 megapix or higher and a zoom 5x or higher. Any suggestions? I sure would appreciate it.

Thanks bunches.


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Good Morning All,

Lynn, so glad everything is okay with your Dad. That must have been very frightening! You just never know when things are going to go wrong.

I am back from being away at yet another trade show. It was a great weekend in the sense that I saw lots of people I haven't seen in a long time. It was good to reconnect. Still, it's alot of work and I am tired.

I took yesterday off because I had a Dr.'s appt and wanted some time to get things done at home that I have neglected. I got some done. My accounting is up to date and checking account balanced so I won't bounce any checks!@ LOL I had blood work done and the Dr. wants me to have a colonoscopy...........oh well, I guess it's time. Not looking forward to it but I am sure it's much worse in my mind than it actually is. Also a bone density test which should be a piece of cake. Plus, my annual stuff.......all those things to get done!

It's rainy and icing here and expected to turn to snow later. Another good sized storm coming. I am officiallysick of the snow and it can leave any time now.

Gretchen, thanks for missing me. I am sorry to make you worry and thanks for your concern.

Jen, I just bought a Olympus digital camera but I can't tell you anything about pixels or anything! I bought it on the advice of a friend and it's been great. You should be able to find a consumer guide site which would give you comparisions, etc.

Better get back to work and start my week! I will check in later.

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Jen - we just bougth a Konica Minolta Dimage A1, it is 5 megapixels and 7X zoom. It takes great photos, but it has too many buttons on it and features that we will never use. I hit a wrong button, I have to get the manual out to tell me how to get it back to where I want it. We got it because it also is wide angle and my husband needs that for work. Both my DDs have the Nikon Coolpix SQ and they love them, they are only 3? megapixels. But are very compact and take nice pictures. Good luck!

NH Suzanne - Don't worry about the colonoscopy, it isn't as bad as it sounds.

Lynn - OMG - that is a terrible story, but I am glad it had a happy ending - your DH and cat did save the day. WOW

Marci - We were in the 50's yesterday, it is 18 right now and has been snowing on and off all day (more on than off). Sorry to hear about DD's wallet.

BJ - where are you? I come back and you disappear.

I talked myself out of WW and went back to SS yesterday. It was so easy yesterday, I think my body wanted to detox from all the funky stuff I have been eating. Today has been easy too. I know it would be easier to go to meetings and be accountable. But I am asking a friend to hold me accountable and hopefully that will work.

Check in.

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Hi. This is for Raeanne~ :) I've got a paper due today so I'm doing some last minute writing and research to button it up.

More personal note later.....

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Hi guys!

Well, it's officially the MIDDLE of the week! How's everyone doing?

I finished my paper and then got a reward from Raeanne! THANKS for the Easter surprise!. . . a package with a giant pink bunny rabbit peep pillow! So cuddly and cute! The whole family LOVES him! And, as you said - diet friendly!

I have been able to control my stress eating lately, by taking certain 'trigger' foods out of my life. It seems be working---for now! --- this week! --- today! lol.

Jen, I will ask DH what he would say about a camera. He is a real camera nut and keeps researching and buying the latest!

Raeanne~ Stay true to SS and you'll have results in time for summertime swimwear!

NHSuzanne~ Sounds like you've been BUSY! I'm happy you're doing the right things for your bod and seeing your docs! We want you to be around here for a LONG TIME! I've had the bone density test---piece of cake.

Marci~ Losing a wallet is one of the worst feelings. Give DD a hug from us. ((((HUGS))))

Lynn~ WOW! Your story was so scary. Give that cat some tuna! Someone is watching over your dad! Glad he's better.

Well, we're heading to the east coast week after next to drive from Portland, Maine to the end of Connecticut. We'll be gone for a week. DH is getting restless again. He must have gypsy in his Italian/Swiss blood! A friend from Florida is coming to stay with the kids---she is going to have her hands full, but she has no kids and is very excited to be in charge of a large family for a week!

Marci! Thanks for running the contest!

Back to the funny farm! Cheers!

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Oh! Raeanne~ The Chilean dinner was great! The kids did a nice job and as we ate, they each shared 3 facts about Chile---it was fun! The little ones, DH, and I learned something NEW!

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BJ - glad the PEEP made it there safely. DH was with me when I saw it and thought I was crazy that I was getting it for you LOL. I figured it wouldn't go to waste with all the kids in your house LOL. Glad the dinner was a success. Your DH sounds like he is being drawn to the Northeast. Of course you know you are welcome to plop in on us and even crash a night or longer, if we are in your path - but I would imagine you will be east of us.

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Hello All,

A Peeps Pillow! Wow, Raeanne, where ever did you find such a perfect gift!

Yesterday we had the most incredible blizzard! It was really something. The early morning was very warm, around 35 and raining. During the morning it changed to snow and high winds and the temps plunged to near zero! My ride home was a near white out. I drove with my hazards on. Peopel were pulled over everywhere because their defrosters could not keep up with the snow and cold. It was really hazardous. It took me over an hour to drive 23 miles. When I got home the snow had drifted up onto the horses stall doors so I had to shovel them out to get them closed. Snow had blown into the stalls so I had to shovel them out before I could put the girls in. They were all covered with icicles. It was really howling out there. It was literally snowing sideways if you can imagine that. Once the animals were tucked in most everything was okay. I left the radio on with some soothing music for the because the sound of the wind was so fierce they were quite uneasy being locked in and unable to flee. This morning at 5am, I had to start to undig everything again because it had all drifted over. Plus is it was 5 below zero and the wind was still howling! It was really something and I am glad that it doesn't happen every day. Whew......................I know spring is coming but you can't tell today!

BJ, maybe we could figure a place to connect between Portland and Connecticut............I hope you have good weather but I suspect it will still be quite cold so dress warm.

Now that I have resurfaced from the void I am wondering where everyone else is??????????? MIA's come out, come out wherever you are.

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MagicKitty - Did they find out why his potassium dropped? That seems to be a problem sometimes with older people I guess. It happened to my mom a couple of times and two years ago it happened to me. Anyway, I wonder if they figured out why and how it can be prevented in the future.

It's hard for me to get enough potassium doing low carb unless I take a supplement, and that hurts my stomach. I get quite frustrated with perceived roadblocks to success at times.

Raeanne - I'm envious of your camera, but glad for you that you have it. I'm going to write a grant request soon for art, computer, camera, etc. equipment I can't afford to pay for, lol. Hopefully, it will work out.

I'm thinking of starting an organization to help young people who don't fit into the system. I'm thinking of calling it "GEMS" - Guidance, Education and Mentoring Solutions. What do you think? It comes from Thomas Gray's line, "Full many a gem of purest ray serene the dark unfathomed depths of ocean bear." That always reminded me of the brilliant minds buried beneath tons of limiting beliefs and straightjacketing expectations. I invite you to share with me if you have any ideas about it.

NHSuzanne - I'm sorry about Fred, too. I'm glad he lived a good life though, and passed on without suffering. He was a lucky goat to have you for a friend. I sometimes wonder how it will be for me when Heather passes on, as she probably will before I do. I just hope she continues to have a relatively good and pain free life until it's her time.

It's been three years now since I've seen snow in person, lol. I can't say I miss the cold. I've had the flu for over a week now, and it's exhausting.

Take care everyone, and eat healthy.


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Anyone here????



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ME! I'm here!

On track and checkin' in!

Hi Amy! I hope you can get the grant you need! There are lots out there! Your ideas on the kids organization sound great! Have you checked into others like it? Maybe you could start a chapter or membership in your area---then you wouldn't have to start a whole new one....might save time.


East Coasters: I'll get my drive schedule posted in the next coule of days so you guys can give me hints on places to see and eat. Of course, if I can meet up with anybody, I'd be THRILLED!

All for now.

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I'm on track and checking in too. Anyone else out there.

Amy - you always amaze me. What a wonderful thing that you want to do and the name is just perfect. Too bad that Ziggy doesn't post here anymore - she would have some wonderful suggestions. Maybe Joanne - speaking of Joanne - where are you???

Day 4 of SS and going along smoothly.

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Did anyone catch the NBC Nightly News? The son of one of my closest friends was on it. He is in a School at Sea program and he was on watch yesterday morning, when he spotted a boat in distress - turns out it had 49 Haitian refugees aboard. They had to take them on board and brought them to the closest port in Jamaica. He said it was extremely emotional. He is a great kid and joined us on one of our Cancun trips. Glad it worked out for him and everyone else involved.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to story

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A heartwarming story...thanks for the link. It always amazes me that people can get in - with their kids! -a barely seaworthy vessel and set out on a journey to who-know-where. Courage and bravery come to mind---but also the chance of sacrificing your family. It takes a wild thought process to come to the decision to risk it all and take off. The whole experience for the students must have been mind blowing. It changes one's outlook on life and what's really important.

On Saturday, I hope to spend most of the day outside, connecting with nature in the garden. If I get it pruned, weeded, and swept, I may reward myself in the next couple of weeks by buying a cool plant or two at the nursery.

Sunday, I'm going to help a teacher build a set for the kindergarten St. Pat's Day play. That should take but a couple of hours, so maybe I'll take the kids to the beach! It's lovely weather here.

I decided I'm not freaking out about the chores this weekend...can you tell it's the end of the end of the quarter for me? One more paper due and I'm off for a week on the COLD east coast!

*********What's important to YOU this weekend?**********

Check in before you check out for the weekend!

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Saturday, HELLO?

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You say "Yes", I say "No".
You say "Stop" and I say "Go, go, go".
Oh no.
You say "Goodbye" and I say "Hello, hello, hello".

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I don't know why you say Goodbye,I say hello... hehehe

Nice to come here and find Marci singing.

It has been very quiet around here - I hope everyone is off doing fun stuff and not like me - buried under at work.

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I'm buried at the house! It's absolutely gorgeous outside and I am stuck doing laundry ---and baking for a dessert party tonight. Wah. I want to garden!

I am also sorting out my laundry room since my friend will be taking over my household duties week after next. I don't want her to have a heart attack when she opens the closet in there.

Then there's my office...arg. But after that, it should just be obsessive cupboard cleaning.....


Nice to 'see' you guys! Tah!

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I am buried under TAXES and Laundry!! I just had to come up for some air and felt like bursting into song!! LOL

DD is leaving tomorrow and we are trying to tie up loose ends. We had a mini blizzard this morning so I didn't mind staying in today. I hope to get out tomorrow after DD heads back to school.

I did hear from Tikanas and Patti. Both are busy, but doing OK. Tikanas went away for the week and Patti is busy with her book club, the Red Hatters and life in general. But she sends her love to everyone.

Gotta finish one more tax form and then I will be 2/3 of the way done!! Then I will take a break.


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Marci~ A TAX break?????? lol..... a little humor there....VERY little.......

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Are those mini ha-ha's?

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OK goils, try readinbg this for a good laugh--a bit long, but it;s along the Dogs in Elk" theme....

Here is a link that might be useful: Sucidal gardenia thread...

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