Here comes Peter Cottontail

harold14370March 23, 2009

He's got a basket of jellybeans. I LOVE jellybeans. I'M NOT ALLOWED TO EAT JELLYBEANS.

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I can't eat cheese!!!

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Sorry, but I find this post in very bad taste. There are many animal lovers here, including me, who don't find laughing at a dead animal funny.

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If I thought for a second it was real, I would not consider the post to be OK. But it's so obviously staged and fake (just like the very idea of an Easter bunny anyway) that I won't fault anyone for it. I see it more as an expression of a release of frustration, and every dieter needs that from time to time.

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Suzanne, it never occurred to me that anybody would find that offensive. My apologies. (I still think it's a funny pic, tho.)

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That's exactly how I took it, a release of frustration. I see the laughing cow as laughing at me!!!

I can see how someone would want to throttle the Easter bunny, just like the rasty leprechaun with all of his beer... hit him over the head with a stein!!!

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Yep. I made a trip to the supermarket and the shelves were all stocked with Easter candy. Those jellybeans were calling me. Almost grabbed a bag of them a couple of times.

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My daughter got m&m's yesterday. It was all I could do not to ask "can mommy have some" and then eat the whole bag. Little angel offered, and I declined... but I sure understand the sentiment. I love jelly beans too, esp. the licorice ones!

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Sorry, I have to agree with Suzanne. Even though the picture is obviously staged it might have been funny with a very fake looking Easter Bunny instead of a lifelike rabbit.

This is just my opinion and is certainly not meant to offend or judge anyone who finds this picture funny. Everyone sees something different and there is no right or wrong.

I do agree Easter candy is hard to pass by and it's a constant struggle, no argument there!

I wish you all the strength to fight off the Easter candy!!

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