Samsung DVD R-155 freezes up after recording from timer

w0lley32January 13, 2012

Hi! I have a Samsung DVD R-155 DVD recorder that works fine if I just watch a show and press the Record button on the remote, but if I use the timer to record a show, when I go to watch it the recorder displays "open" on the front panel and nothing happens. It takes three "power downs" to clear the bug but the DVD is unreadable, even from the recorder.

I went on Samsung's website, but they don't seem to have a software update for it. Would someone of you know if an update might fix my problem, or if the recorder is just good for the garbage can? Thanks.

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I had a DVD player that every time I wanted to use it I had to unplug it from the wall for a couple minutes. You might try this. Seems to let something reset itself.

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Unplugging the device for several minutes has been done. Many times. I need to do it three times before it lets me open the door. I tried changing media brands, always with the same effect. I am pretty sure the thing is kaput, but I posted here hoping to hear of a software update unknown to me before buying a new recorder. Thanks.

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