Singer Futura CE100

Karen_AnnJanuary 24, 2005


I am new to the forum and desperate to speak to any fellow owners of the Singer Futura Ce100. I am on my 2nd machine, and even this one is on it's 2nd time in the shop. I have horrible problems with jamming. I have tried every combination of stabilizers, brands of needles and every other brainstorm as it has hit me. Anyone else having problems? Any sugestions? I love the concept of the machine and really want to be successful with it. I am hoping this time out of the shop it will have the bugs out-guess I'll find out tonight! Any and all feedback will be appreciated!


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Hi, Karen
I have a Singer CE100 I got for Christmas. After I finally figured out how to use it I have had no problems. I haven't had any jams so far but mainly all I have done is sweat shirts and fleece jackets. I am still experimenting with trial and error. I have learned to start a design with a fairly full bobbin because when it ran out and I put in another it threw my design off slightly. Good luck.

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I picked it up from the shop and got some very useful information. I am very new to embroidery and the instructions that came with the machine were just not enough. For example, I didn't know about bobbin thread. I also found that the brand of thread I was using was less desirable. I replaced all of my thread. Prior to this, I was dwelling on thinking I was doing something wrong with stabilizer-not the case according to the shop. I am still working on towels-haven't taken the plunge to try another sweatshirt or knit type fabric-I trashed so many before. Would you be so kind as to give me some helpful tips on knit?

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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you (internet problems). I haven't done any towels yet. So far sweat shirts and jackets are all I have done. I did have one jam on a sweatshirt which ended up with a hole in the shirt. As for tips, I just try to keep the design areas tight so it can't catch in the machine. Do you use any stabilizer on the top of the towel? I seen somewhere in the forum that you can use toule (or whatever the material is they put birdseen in at weddings) on top so the design would be more even and the towels "loops" would not come through the design.

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I have a new Singer Futura that is always jamming, glad to hear I am not the only one. The problem is getting better, as I have learned a few tricks.

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I just got a brand new Singer futura CE 100 machine. I was setting it up and the first thing I noticed that the feed dog does not move (up or down) when I move the feed-dog switch left and right. The feed dog is in the lower position. Is this a problem with my new machine?

Thanks for any input. I am a little scared and nervous that my new machine might be broken :-(


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I wish people would read their manuals, view the video, and practice page by painful page before they start to panic.

I have a feeling rajbala is a new sewer and hasn't figured out the point of the feed dog positions.

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Just thought I'd give you some input on my machine. I HAD a CE-100... it would work perfect for a few weeks and then it would start eating everything. I was doing everything right! I read my manual and followed it! Then when I complained to Singer they admitted to me it didn't have a great bobbin case which was what was causing the jams! So I returned it! The next day I received a brand new Singer Ingenuity regular sewing machine for my "troubles" and went to buy the CE-200 because I liked the concept of being able to do anything from my computer then stitch it out with no limitations! The dealer told me the ce-100 was poorly made and was meant to be sold through places like walmart to sell the concept! According to him- it was never meant to be a great machine! Just enough to get you hooked and even replacing the "defective" parts- it probably won't ever work "right"! His statements- not mine! Now I LOVE my CE-200 and with the PE Design 6 I have the sky is the limit!

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Hi there, I've had the CE-100 since November and love it. I have done towels, pillows, burp rags, t-shirts jeans and fleece on it with no problems. One thing to remember is that when you do towels, fleece etc is to use a water soluble topping. It helps keep the stitches from sinking into the pile. As far as differences between the 100 and the 200 the only difference is in the number of decorative stitches. They are the same otherwise. There are alot of people who own the 200 who would get the 100 if they had it all to do over again. There is a yahoo group dedicated to singer futuras with lots of helpful guidenace that I have found is a god send.

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I was running a pattern and when I touched the hoop tightening screw to check it a static spark jumped to the screw and almost immediately the computer screen displayed an error notice indicating the pattern was too large for the hoop and the hoop slider bar is now locked up and can not be reset even using a different pattern. Have tried everything to reset and nothing works. Anybody else ever had this problem? Can one access the machine computer via the operating computer in some way to view the contents of the machine computer. Help?!

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I have had nothing, but a huge headache trying to embroider. I use robison-anton embroidery thread rayon. I also use this thread for the bobbin. I have for a needle 20-20 size 14. I use light weight stabalizier and I'm working on flannel. The machine will be going along just fine no problem, then all of a sudden the machine stops the fabric is pulled down into the teeth and the thread is a huge mess wrapped all over the bobbin case and bobbin. I have wasted yards of fabric because it has to be cut out. I am at a total loss.

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I just got my CE-100, started straight stitching and after 4 or 5 stitches it starts beeping. I have called several places and they tell me I don't have it threaded right. It sews great except for the beep. Can anyone give me some help or advise on the beep

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I am trying to get some help with the beeping on the CE-100 When I am sewing a straight stitch it beeps after every 5 or 6 stitches. no one can seem to help me

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I am new to embroidering, just got a CE-100 real real cheap but did not come with the original software...does ANYONE know where to buy or download the original software? Have been searching singer site and many many others but cannot find the ORIGINAL software to purchase, or better yet to download for free. Can anyone please help me? Thx

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Hi, I just bought my first Singer Futura secondhand and it did not come with any accessories or instructions. Can anyone tell me where I can find good instructions on how to use the serger feature on the machine? Thank you!!!

P.S. Baileycall, were you ever able to find the software? Could you help me with that as well?

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Samantha Wilkerson

Chances are if your machine is eating your fabric, under your bobbin case is full of lint. If you are sewing with cheap Walmart thread (which sheds lint during sewing) or a fabric that tends to shed its going to get trapped under your bobbin case. a few minutes of cleaning maintenance will save you a lot of headaches. I own 2 Futura Machines and have no issues.

As well Singer offers the software but it will cost you and you can download the manuel for free off the internet.

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