RE: new poster.......can this be done???????

iowajewelJanuary 13, 2006

Just wondering if it is possible to embroider on jean down the length of the leg?

I am really tall and the tall jeans I find aren't embroidered like some of the really cute ones offered for the rest of you. Just thought you might know. I

I don't have a machine to do this, but will check out local embroiderers in the area if you think it can be done.

I do basic sewing and am doing funky quilts, but would like to have this done FOR ME!


Thanks, Julie

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Yes! You open up the inside leg so the fabric can lie flat.

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Never thought about opening the leg. WIll have to look at the inside seam of my favorite kind of jeans. I really wanted the embroidery to go up the outside of the leg. will try to find someone close with an embroidery machine!

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Look here for inspiration!

Here is a link that might be useful: jeans

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Wow.......thanks for this link!!!!!!
I have contacted her and am sending her a pair of my jeans!

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