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sadpurchaseJanuary 30, 2009

I have had some issues with letters in this software (new release Natural Oval & Natural Diamond) - I contacted software creator Needleheads. They provided no support and blamed everything on my machine. I could not get them to understand some letters work in certain positions. For instance, the M on the right hand side does not stitch out correctly but it does when in left and middle positions. Now I see why there is No satisfaction or warranty on their product. Most digitizers attempt to remedy issues Needleheads does not. I recommend Apex or Eagle or any other digitizer who stands behind their product and does not blame issues on a machine that stitches out other letters and software perfectly fine. Waste of Money.

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There is a users group dedicated to this program. Because of s p a m problems, I can't say the name, but you can go to the group site at Y---- and search on Monogram Wizard. That will get you to the group.

I'm sorry you got off to such a bad start - it truly is a fantastic program. The group offers lots of support and inspiration (have a look at the project photos!).

If you post your message at this group, you'll have a quick response from very experienced users. One of the moderators has nothing but praise for Chris in tech support at Needleheads, who gave her some very valuable help - and she added his tips to a file that is also posted at the group site.

I'm confident that Maddie and Carol (moderators of the group) can point you in the right direction. Please give it a try.

Best to you,

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