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homersgardenApril 12, 2006

Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I will give it a shot.

We have these moths that seem to be in the cabinets. I am convinced that they come from a certain brand of muffin and cake mixes that are very cheap. Anyway, I went to clean the cabinets and organize today and I found they had gotten into one of these boxes (I am sure the boxes are the point of orgin too). I went to Home Depot and got traps that consist of pharamones to get rid of them, but so far we have not caught one. Not sure what they are supposed to do.

What else should I be doing? What are these deals?

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After reading your message I did a quick search and found the page linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pests in your cupboards

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Of course you have to get rid of the box with the bugs. Check everything else like flour, corn meal, rice, etc. Wipe out the cupboard. It's a good idea to keep flour in its own sack, then inside a ziplock type bag. Keep everything sealed up tightly

I have this problem occasionally, and usually if I just get rid of the food the bugs are in, clean out the cupboard, that solves the problem.

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yes, i get those small flying moths too, which start out as tiny worms. I've read that they come in some food, then probably migrate to others. They love carbs! It doesn't matter if I use ziploc bags, they still seem to infiltrate. i just clean out the pantry as need be.

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Aloha! We put all of our flour, rice, cornmeal, etc. in the freezer for 24 hours as soon as we bring it home. So far we have not had any little beetles since doing this. You will need to throw away everything in the pantry that may be harboring eggs and larva and wipe all the shelves down. Its a beast of a job!

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I've had good luck with traps I purchased at Gardens Alive a mail order and online company. I am not sure if these are similar to the ones you got from Home Depot. Since having these pests many years ago ( I still remember how much food was spoiled!) I use the traps preventatively changing the traps a couple of times a year. No bugs with this method!!

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I have used the traps which catch a lot of bugs ( I suspect they are drawing them from 5 miles away!)
Get rid of all suspect products and hence forth freeze everything for 48 hours when you bring it home.....and buy a lot of bay leaves ands scatter them in your cupboards and drawers. I have never seen a flour moth where I had bay leaves.
Linda C

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Bird seed stored in your garage or any where near the house will cause problems with moths. We had a terrible time in our last house and finally someone told me about the bird seed. I stored my seed in plastic garbage cans with lids in our attached garage and had for years with no problem. When I started storing the seed in our barn, the problem finally stopped.

Another magnet for bug problems is corn meal or anything made with corn meal. I keep corn meal in tupperware or in canning jars with tight lids. Jiffy Mix or any of the small boxes made by Jiffy, like Blueberry Muffin Mix, is another hot spot. I keep these boxes in large zip lock bags.

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Don't forget about pet food! Dry cat food is notorious for bringing in moths. As is some dried fruit (like dates).

Throw out anything that shows signs of infestation (moth cocoons, worms, weblike strands at the corners of boxes). Place everything else in zip top bags. That way if anything hatches or flies from that package you will see it under the plastic and can throw it out before it fests other food.

Wipe out every cupboard (even non food cupboards). I didn't bother with the bay leaves for "meal moths" but my mother swears by them for those little grain beetles.

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Oh, my, right now I am fighting an infestation with very small brown bugs. Let me tell you I have never been so sick in all my life. They were everywhere!!! I even had packets of UNOPENED Hidden Valley ranch dressing-----bugs!!! I guess I brought them home with bird seed as has been reported but how the little nuisances got into so many things. I will say this--for those of you storing things in sealable plastic bags---don't bet the ranch. I had things stored in vacuumed sealed bags and they got in there. I also had a tin container for dog food with an extremely tight lid. Didn't matter to the bugs. What I have done so far was to wash EVERY dish, pot,pan,lids,etc in the dishwasher, washed out cabinets anddrawers withsoap and bleach waterplus all the tin cans. Let it dry out then sprayed with an insecticide made especially for restaurants, hospitals, pantries, etc. I threw everything out. pasta, cereal, dog food, bird seed, flour, even found one in a salt shaker. OUT!! Now, I am sick about this because they seem to have come in so fast andI can't figure out how.
Now, the spray that I used is no longer available so does anyone know of a brand of insecticide spray that is safe to use in cabinets when used according to directions? I really would appreciate any help because I intend to stay alert and armed----just in case----. Thanks so much for any help you can give me. BT

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