Looking for Thomas the Tank train designs

craftylady40January 11, 2007

I am looking for Thomas the Tank embroidery designs for machine embroidery. Does anyone know of a good site to get them? Freebies would be great. Thanks.

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Oh Craftylady sorry no help here!
But certainly keeping my eye out for this post!
I love Thomas too!

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Thomas the Tank is a licensed design, don't think you will find free designs, you have to pay for the card, which I think OESD has licensing for and includes a thread kit. There is plenty of fabric and other things out there you might be able to do applique work with.

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I have Thomas the Train but I can't think right off who made it, OESD sounds right. It being licensed does mean it is something you will have to buy.

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im in the prossess of diging all these up at the moment. ill share them out when they are finished to all you good peeps....watch this space

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Craftlady, is this what you're looking for?


For some reason I can't get it to load correctly. But this is the site where Thomas the Tank train is and it's also a feebie.

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There was a Thomas the Tank design on ebay a while ago but knowing it was licensed, I was leery of ordering it. It was not free but it was fairly inexpensive. My grandson is crazy about Thomas the Tank. but I did not order it.

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