Diet Pals 7-13 March

quiltingbunnyMarch 7, 2004

Well, I made it to Sunday. Slept my buns off after venting around the house yesterday. Today, DH is off to work, I am dragging my boom box outside with wailing country tunes on CD, a paintbrush and I'm a gonna put some more paint on that neverending fence (the saga continues every summer) laundry spinning and gonna get those windows done today. Got two new heated propagator units (dirt cheap and better than the named brand ones) - going to get some seeds in dirt.

Having my coffee, took my vitamin and having a fruit salad and yogurt for breakfast.

Sorting my attitude out today (it's on my list!). Heavens, what a week!

Anyone wanna come over and play in my sandbox today? I planting, painting and cleaning? Country music, more coffee and lots and lots of fresh air outside!

Today will count for the BETTER!

I have spoken!



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Country music, coffee? Not me! It sounds like you have a busy day planned and hope that will cheer you to get that work done.
I am babysitting 4 horses this weekend and they are muddy messes. Their owner locked the door to the tack room with all the brushes. So now I am going to look for my pony's brushes in the shed and since he died 2 years ago the brushes are way back in the shed. I have a feeling the owner of those horses are going to see them as is when she gets home. Darn, I love to brush horses!
50% chance of rain here so I might drag hubby to the mall this afternoon.
Anybody see the announcement that showed children who consume dairy foods are thinner than other children who don't? Sounded suspicious to me until I read one man's opinion that if they are eating dairy foods it might mean they are getting home cooked meals and breakfast with milk on it - now that made sense.
One of the shows (Primetime?) Friday night talked about gastric bypass surgery and it said there are some bad surgeons out there. All they have to do to get certified in gastric bypass is take a few classes on the weekend! Scary. It showed a family who lost a daughter, a man who almost died when the surgeon nicked his intestines - both had the same doctor who made lots of mistakes like this and is still practicing!!! Later in the show, it showed the guy who played Neuman in Seinfeld and he lost weight by dieting and exercise. Of course not all of us can afford to have diet meals delivered and personal trainers.....
They showed a family who went on Atkins and you should have seen the before and afters! WOW! Then they had the usual debate over whether Atkins was safe in the long run. One doctor said eventually when Atkins (and low carb diets) people get enough choices they will quit losing weight just as low fat people did with the introduction of low fat brownies and cookies. Makes sense - a friend just e-mailed a note to me all excited about the low carb breads so we'll see.
Lunch today will be chicken - maybe cajun grilled and on a salad.
Well have a good day all - now where are those brushes???

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I'll take the coffee, McPeg, but I can work much better with some Rock music! LOL Actually, I'd rather go shopping today. There are so many good sales going on right now.
It's been a relaxing weekend for me so far. Jammer is working, so I've been doing my own thing. Went to the movies yesterday, had 2 new tires put on my car and downloaded a panoramic photo program that I'm anxious to try out. I plan to get out today with my camera so I can play around with the program. Any suggestions for what I can do with a 360 panoramic photo, besides making a lamp shade? LOL

I usually don't count points on the weekends, but I have been conscious of what I eat and even though I've eaten a few "bad" things, I haven't gone overboard, yet.

Kathy, I have heard of so many people having success with Atkins, but I think that WW works best for me since nothing is off-limits. I just have to learn to make the best choices and remember portion control. And that's something I can do for the rest of my life. It seems to be working for me. I guess everyone has to choose what is best for them. *S* That Cajun grilled chicken sounds great!!

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McPeg...Coffee sounds good for me too, but I'm with MaryAnn on the music, Classic Rock for me. LOL I've got to hit the sewing machine pretty hard today. Sometimes I get so behind it's overwhelming, then I don't feel like doing anything. So, I just start at the beginning and keep going.

Another windy day here, not real cold though. I'll get my walk in later today. I feel pretty good at loosing 6#'s since last Sunday so I don't want to miss out on my walk.

I walked a total of 4.5 miles yesterday. Makes me feel so refreshed.

Have a good day everyone at what ever you decide to do.

MaryAnn, I went shopping this past week and got some very good deals on clothes. I love a good deal!


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Weellll...I am tired and should sleep ON MY OWN tonight - 6 HOURS in the garden - finished my never ending fence, dug another 6 feet of garden bed and spent most the day once finished painting - digging, weeding, digging and digging and separating overgrown plants and digging...I did have one of those chocolate swiss rolls about 10 am with my coffee (about two servings) - and I dug and dug and tossed dirt some more. I think I have burned it all off and then some. Had a fruit salad for lunch and going to have roast beef, potato and veggies for dinner (small beef and small potato). Tomorrow is my weigh day and if I am still the same that is fine. Half a pound will be wonderful - this morning I peeked and still the same...hence the garden work.
Have taken tomorrow off work and will call the bus depot office to see if my wallet is there. Duh.
A day with horses sounds wonderful.
Hello Pam! Nice to see another person joining us! Excellent walking. You will lose with that exercise. I quilt a bit but not during garden season!
MaryAnn I can play rock too. Have to pass on the shopping until my new cards arrive.
Gotta check on dinner - have a fab day what's left of it!

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My weight stayed the same this week. That's okay. It hasn't gone up. Today I will focus on yummy food, healthy food. Yesterday was a full day of outdoor activity...I still had trouble sleeping last night. Today I am getting out again. The weather is not as lovely as yesterday but I have taken today off for my health (winter blahs). Going to clean something today for myself.

How was your weekend? Enjoy yourself? Do something different?

Do tell.

Make today count!


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Good morning! My weekend was good, although I ate too much of the wrong things. I usually do that on the weekends. I went to the movies, but didn't go shopping afterall. I did some outdoors work yesterday and was worn out. I am really in bad shape! Do a little work and I'm winded! LOL
Today I am walking with a friend after work, and I'm looking forward to it! The temps are supposed the be in the low 80º's. I'm so anxious to get back to regular walking. My energy levels go up like crazy when I get into 2nd or 3rd week of regular walking and exercise, and I love that feeling!

I'm getting ready for work right now. Wish I didn't have to work for a living! Oh well, one more week and we are out for Spring break!!! Yeah! A whole week!

Hope everyone has a great week. I'll be working hard to eat right so my weigh-in on Wednesday will show at least ½ or 1 lb.

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Good evening! Back to cold weather here today. Yuck! Maybe snow tonight. Another yuck.

Had baked fish with veggies for lunch, haven't weighed today---hectic morning doing some babysitting for family. We've been eating out way too much, DH wants to eat out A LOT!!!

A little congestion--sinus today, took some pills which I hate to do because they make me nervous and crazy. lol But, will suffer thru and have a lite dinner.

Take care, all. And that country music sounds good! I listen to all different types, a little of this, a little of that. Happy Monday!

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Pam_SewsAlot turned cold out again. And yip, Yellowhair, chance of snow for here too. I am soooo ready for spring.

Had chicken & rice for lunch. Baked potatoe loaded with broccoli and a salad for supper.

Finished putting down the subfloor in my new shop today. Will start on drywall tomorrow. I really need to get more of the sewing done though. (Just not enough hours in the day).

Have a wonderful evening everyone!


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For those of you who are counting Weight Watcher points, I found another good site with generic foods points. I added a link to it on my webpage. It's in the pink box. Generic Food Points

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Hope you are having a good Monday today! Yesterday I ate out during lunch. I maxed my daily limit and today, back at work, back on track with my planned foods.
It's warming up a wee bit in the Edinburgh area but still heavy frost at night. My legs ached when I walk today from two days in the garden - and I am a wee bit stiff. Obviously need to get out and MOVE MORE!
Have a fab day today!


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Hi gals! And hi to any peeping Toms too!
It's cold again!!! Yesterday I woke up and there was snow blowing around. It melted quickly though. MaryAnn you are so lucky to live in a warm climate.
My weekend was good diet wise until hubby came home with leftover snack from his evening Sunday school class. I need to send stuff that will get totally eaten. I decided to "taste" the cinnamon cake and we know that was a mistake! So yesterday was a salad day - home made for lunch and McDonalds for supper. Ate 2 small plums before bed to fill up my grumbling belly.
Today will be a soup day!
I have been eating too much acidic food and even my eyes are itchy (salad dressing is part of that) plus flavored water. Mom gets the same way and some days we lust for oranges we see at the store but neither of us can eat them for very long.
I brushed the horses with a stiff plastic hairbrush. What a job but they appreciated it and wanted done some more.
No exercise yesterday except for sweating while I was doing the state taxes. PITA! The dogs were wacky last night - running circles in the lr. Today we are walking.
Have the new Light and Tasty magazine and there are some good recipes - I'd recommend that magazine and give it for Christmas gifts.
Well better go - have a good day all! Glad to read all the posts! Kathy

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Hey there McPeg. I hate to tell you this but this is Tuesday! One day closer to Friday than you thought. Have a good day though and for a minute I thought it was Monday too! Kathy

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Happy Tuesday out there! I'm ready for work, well, not really ready, just dressed. LOL I would much rather stay at home!!!! I started walking yesterday and was suprised to do 2 miles! It has been over a year since I last walked and I thought I might not even make 1 mile. It helps to walk with friends. We talked and laughed and shared the track with kids from school. It was around 80º and I was wishing I had worn shorts instead of jeans! I'll know better today. The downside....I ate too much yesterday. Went quite a bit over my points for the day. I'm not taking any points off for me exercise, so maybe it will equal out. I hope to do better today.
Good luck to everyone today!
Oh yes, one of my best friends called last night. We haven't been as close the last couple of years as we used to be and don't see each other very much. She wanted to start walking! I thought that was funny since I had just started again. She said she has gained 75 lbs. in the past year because of being depressed, etc. I know she is miserable with the extra weight! Because of her schedule at work she won't be able to start walking for 5 more weeks. I hope she really gets with the program at that time.

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Hi everyone...just popped in to let you know I'm still alive.........not doing well at all on the dieting front...gaining like crazy but have to get it in check very soon.....The good news is that I am still cigarette free.....I guess I have to deal with the two as seperate issues......I would be embarassed to say how much I have gained but renewed my vow to get OP today..we'll see how it goes......Congrats to all of you losers.....I'm not beating myself up because I am thrilled not to be puffing on those digarettes.

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Hi and Good Morning to all! BigMama, hang in there with the ciggies, and the food. You'll get it all worked out!

According to my scale, I've lost about 2 lbs.---didn't eat much yesterday----food didn't have much "taste" to it----but the sinus medication helped, got a good night's sleep and had some toast and jelly (lite) for breakfast.

So, my 5-lb. increment is working just fine and I've got about 2 more to lose in this woe-be-gone fat feud. lol---Then, I will have 30 more lbs. to go----wahoooooo!

Walked this morning, done some laundry already, selecting more seeds for winter sowing----got squash coming up on my windowsill, also zinnias and coneflowers, hibiscus, and marigolds.

Take care, ladies, and remember that spring is on the way---this cold weather and snow is just a minor setback. Think "slim" ----and think about how nice our slimmer clothes will look!

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Hi Ya'll! It's so tough getting back on a diet once you get off isn't it? My dearest friend in all the world's husband passed away and it has been impossible for me to diet with all the goings on and now I don't want to get back on it.

I had two cups of cream of chicken soup for lunch and a salad with three or four tablespoons of real ranch dressing on it. Bad, bad, bad! I'm dreaming of a Quizno's sub for dinner tonight but telling myself that I really must cook. There are three thawed out chicken breasts in my fridge and Nam Sod would really be good but I dread getting home and cooking it. Wahhhhhh! Why couldn't I have been born rich and fat proof!!!!!

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You and me both, Beverley!
Yellowhair, you are having a heck of a winter with colds and such. Glad to see you are still hanging in there. Know how ya feel about still having more to go - I am about the same.
BigMama - you are doing JUST FINE- you can work on just your smoking. I think you are on the right track for sure! Kick this habit first and the reward yourself with a healthy diet, even if you shed a few pounds - buy yourself something new! Feel great about your major achievement of kicking the habit. I think its much harder than focussing on a diet! You go girl!
MaryAnn - 80 degrees? Wow, I would love that! Could I come with you on your walks??? They are the best way for winding down in my books!
Kathy, I am glad to see you posting - yes I have lost track of time with insomnia but I am feeling much better - taking my mild sedatives to get my sleep - Doctors orders for the next week or so - not crazy about it but I am sooooo tired and bordering on desperate.

Well have ta run for the bus!
Make today count!
I will check in later!


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Good Morning! Today was my weigh-in and I stayed the same from last week. But that's okay, because I did go overboard on the eating for several days. At least I've started walking again. I didn't think I would make it yesterday! One of my shoes was hurting my foot, plus my legs were tired! But my partners and I stuck it out and did the 2 miles again. I was tired afterwards, but happy that we succeeded. I bought some new shoes last night, so I'm hoping they will help.

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Smart move getting comfy shoes for walking MaryAnn. Not changing weight is just fine considering you know you overate. I have had the same sort of week and trying to be careful this week. Tomorrow night have a work night dinner out....a challenge to be sure.

As I won't be around until Friday night, I may be offline but look forward to catching up with everyone and 'reporting in' myself when I get back.


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Hi, laides! Yes, my allergies are really trying to whip me, I just thought---maybe I'm allergic to the new recliner we bought for DH---it's on my side of the bed. lol---just my luck------some winters I do fine with allergies----some I don't. Go figure.

But, the medication is helping. It's beautiful here today, but cold. Anxiously awaiting spring. May go to Wal-mart today, look for some new snacks.

Have any of you tried this------Nutri-Grain Yogurt Bars---140 calories---3 grams of fat. They're really good! I've tried the Peaches & Cream.

Have a great day and don't forget your exercise---like I did last night ---lol. I'll have to double up today.

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Hi Everyone!

I'm just checking in.

I had a birthday yesterday so I didn't check in. My MIL had chicken and noodles for me for lunch and my DH took me out for supper last night. Needless to say...I went kinda overboard on my eating. I'm back on track today.

BigMama...You are doing excellent with the no smoking! I know how you feel. Probably the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm now at 2 Months and 2 days since I quit and feel better than I ever have. So...keep it up!! The rest will all settle down and you will feel so good about yourself.

Yellowhair...I haven't tried the Nutri-Grain Yogurt Bars, but will look for them when I go to the grocery store next time.

MaryAnn, shoes make all the difference in the world when you walk alot. The walking shoes that I wore last year still looked like brand new, but my legs would ache when I got done walking. So I got a new pair last week and voila! no more aches.

McPeg...Good Luck on everything this week, and look forward to hearing from you over the weekend.

Keep up the good work everyone and have a wonderful day!!


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Hello everyone! I'm down another 1 1/2 pounds for a total of 12 1/5 pounds at the end of Week 5. I'm really happy about this. So glad I found something that works.

DH and I will be off this Friday for a Caribbean cruise, so the food will be hard to resist. I've vowed to take the stairs up and down the decks and not finish everything on my plate. Need o be able to work this WW point system into "real" life. Cruisin in part of my life, and I need to adapt it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Have a nice cruise!!! Oh that sounds heavenly.
Hi Gals!
I am within 1 1/2 pounds of my last doctor's appointment so should be about the same by the next one on Monday. I won't put myself up for a lecture about what I have been eating this week but it has been mostly green with a little protein. Cereal for breakfast. Basically a balanced diet but just not too much food. I CAN lose weight! I just can't eat much.
Do you former smokers want to take teen smokers by the hair and give them a lecture?? I do and never smoked (thank goodness).
Went to an outlet store yesterday and bought a pepper mill. Mmmm that pepper was good on green beans last night. Well I am heading out to work a half day. Bye all. Really enjoying your posts! Kathy

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Good Thursday morning! We've had some beautiful weather here. Most days in the high 70º's, but we have rain in the forecast for the weekend. I'm hoping the forecasters are wrong!
I stayed within my points yesterday and have already had a bowl of Smart Start for breakfast this morning. Gotta get through today, half a day tomorrow, and then yipee! Spring Break!!!

Dee, the cruise sound great! I've always wanted to go on one, but my list of things I want to do is so long that I will have to live to be 200 to do them all. LOL

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A cruise! Ahhhh! I've always wondered if I would get seasick since I have been known to get car sick. Maybe one of these days I'll find out. lol Have a great time!

Today is going by so fast, I got up early and seems like I haven't stopped! I walked extra this morning and have eaten sparingly. I'll weigh tomorrow.

Tonight's meal is going to be a "Smart One" microwave dinner. Maybe some popcorn for snack----the 94% fat free kind. Have a great evening, everybody! It's pretty here today, a little cold.

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I've always been one to get carsick, but only once or twice felt queasy on a cruise (been on about 28 of them!!) I take Bonine, and it works just fine for me. If you want to go on a cruise, please visit an agent for cruise-only vacations. They will be able to fit one into your lifestyle and budget. I started when I was 18 and it's so much fun and sooooo relaxing. No one can call from the office when you are out to sea----there's a method to my madness!

Had a stomach bug yesterday, so my points were "zero" for the day. Kept nothing down. This morning I started with Kashi Good Friends and it stayed down. It's 3:15pm, so I thought I'd eat an orange and then go over to the corporate fitness center for my 4pm circuit. I think I can handle it today. Tonight will be some whole wheat pasta with a light sauce and some shredded mozarella. A small salad, if my stomach feels OK. Just need some protein in the cheese to keep me from getting light-headed.

OK, so I'm off tomorrow early am. Hope everyone has a great week; "see" on the 23rd of March!

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Hi! Wish I was going somewhere warm today but a women's club rummage sale will do.

I have a challenge to face tonight - a banquet.
Here is the menu:
Athenian chicken
Parslied red potatoes
Constantine's buttered corn
Dilled carrots a la Odysseus
Olympian salad
Chocolate Eclair dessert
Tea, coffee
I have a feeling the waiters/watresses will be in togas.
Usually they allow you more meat so I might have a big serving of chicken (hoping for boneless breast, skip the taters (sigh), eat the carrots and salad (maybe we'll see what it is first), skip corn and won't even look at the dessert. I don't need this 3 days before D (doctor) day. I am 3/4 pound over the last weigh-in. Nobody's fault but my own.
If I had a digital camera I would take a photo of my scales and take it along!
Oh well life gives you tests sometimes and this will be just a food test anyway.

True about those lists MaryAnn. I always start out which such gardening/landscaping plans in the spring and then the heat, mowing and housework smush all the plans flat! I would like to get small enough to get in a wetsuit not to frighten children and do some reef diving which is hard to find in PA. I would like to tour on a bicycle in Ireland or better yet New Zealand after I win the lottery - ha!

Does anyone grow herbs? I am thinking of replacing tomato plants with herbs this year. I can buy tomatoes for 50 cents a can.
I started rainbow coleus inside but no plants peeping out yet. Giving up on raising impatiens too - they grow too slowly.
Well I guess I better end this garden forum.

Bye all, eat like a wabbit today!

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Yesterday was fun. I ate too much and had drinks. Have not been to such a posh place in years. I come back to work and I feel ill.
My probationary period at work is being extended from 13 weeks to 26 - they are assessing this new position (fair enough) and my ability to perform my job with my current medical condition of major chronic depression. I have had an upset at work last week I had a week plus of insomnia and could not cope with the noise around my desk while trying to work, the interruptions and I lost it. Basically I posted a laminated sign telling people who were constantly asking me to do things that are not part of my job to ask the people sitting around me this did not go over well with management or HR. I have to speak about these issues when they arise before taking such actions. (Fair enough). I got so frustrated that day that I broke down in the morning and had a good cry at my desk (NOT ALLOWED!!!!! we often have clients in the office) I have to leave my desk in future and I am allowed to go for a walk (understandable).
I feel like I have 3 strikes against me. I was just starting to feel positive about this job and have basically been told not to discuss my health issue so frankly the culture in this office does not know how to react and I am upsetting people. I am too abrupt at times and have to try to be more in the fit of the office.
I am tired of this. I am beginning to feel like I dont fit in at all in any office environment. Maybe its time to get that Tea Room going. I feel so sick. I know the company is trying to help but I am also learning to this organization that I am deemed a problem.
I feel awful and upset after my probation meeting. I know the HR is awaiting a medical review from my doctor which gives his opinion on my health and ability to work I saw the letter last week it actually states how much I am helping myself and try to keep positive and pull myself along.
Still, I think to any place I have ever worked mental health is still an issue that no one wants to talk about.. It pisses me off sometimes. I have just been politely told to shut up about it.
I feel pissed off.
I love this work. Its fun for the first time in years to get up again and I have told this to my director and HR today. I was really trying hard to be positive and agree with everything we talked about and I wanted to encourage a two way communication and understanding.
I still feel like they are hoping to get rid of me.
Its a mens world in this place and it has no room for emotions or feelings at all.
I had to get this off my chest.
LOL to all my friends,
Suffering in silence,


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DeeMarie, I'll keep that in mind! Hello, everyone!

Kathy, I feel for ya---I have a dinner coming up tomorrow night at O'Charlies---Sunday School class thingy.

McPeg, so sorry for your situation---this seems so stressful. I, too, find it difficult to work when there's a lot of noise around. I've quit jobs over this, along with the fact that they expected too much from one person.

There is so much emphasis today on being "a good fit" for the companies. I hope whatever you want works out for you, but don't feel terribly bad if this doesn't work out------it just points you in another direction. What is this about the "Tea Room?" Are you thinking about opening your own business? That sounds like fun!

My scale is fluctuating back and forth, back and forth! lol---I have been a little bad, eating a candy bar and such tempting sweets. I have to do better! Will attempt a low-cal weekend with minimal sweets. I did exercise last night, walked this morning. Have a great weekend!

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Morning all!
So sorry to hear of your situation at work, McPeg. Hope it gets better, but if it doesn't, just move on.

Yellowhair, my weight has fluctuated at times too. That's why at 25 weeks (I think that's where I am now), I've only lost 16 lbs. But I am so happy to have those extra pounds off, and figure the longer I stay with this program and get used to eating this way, the easier it will be to stick with it, in some form, for life.

Yesterday evening I had a total of 8 points and Jammer and I decided to go out. We went to have a few drinks, and had so much fun that we didn't get home till 10 pm. After drinking 3 beers on an empty stomach (and I very seldom drink), I was ready to hit the bed as soon as I got home! So I probably went a little over my 20 points, but sure didn't get much nutrition! LOL

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Wouldn't we all like to change places with our cruiser today??
Oh McPeg - hugs!! If they wanted to get rid of you they would have. You must be doing something right. If you love the job as much as you say smile pretty and kill them with kindness. They have the power because they write the check. I had a job and boss I loved and changed departments (not my choice!) and ended up with the worst boss in the printing plant. I lasted 2 years. If you can't take it get out of there and go somewhere there is less pressure or ask for a transfer there. It sounds like they are giving you a chance at least. Lots of places are "all business". My cousin (a woman) owns her own business and it is like a tomb in that office. You have had a lot of headaches the past few weeks and deserve all our hugs for that. Hang in there! big big hugs to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The banquet last night was a long drawn out affair I should not complain about free food but - the chicken was breaded fried and had ham and American cheese in it. It looked like a loaf of bread. The Athenians would never have touched that! The salad was really fruit with some dairy sauce on it. About the only healthy thing was the carrots. I passed the dessert right to hubby so that was good at least. The entertainment was good but there was too much of it and after kids singing, testimonials (it was a children's ministry appreciation dinner) and thank yous, group singing with a guy who kept saying "one more time!", kids dancing then they called up a speaker! He was good but I was ready to bolt for the door.
I do not need to worry about my doctor's appt Monday because it turned out I had scheduled my appt. and the dog's appt. 10 minutes from each other so we know which one was put off another 2 weeks ;-)
I made the Italian pasta dish that I posted the recipe for supper and hubby loved it but boy is it spicy! It would be great food when someone has a cold. If you try it, precook the sausage and cool it before slicing. I had too many things going on at once and overcooked it a little but that did not hurt anything. I thought it "needed" something so added a spoonful of fat free sour cream to my dish. I used frozen pepper stir fry for the peppers and picked the onions out so was a little low on peppers and added mushrooms. Red, yellow and orange peppers here are $4.00 a pound. Hmmm maybe I sould grow some this summer....
Oh heck gals I have been losing and gaining the same 8 pounds forever. BUT I am still 46 pounds lighter than I used to be! It makes a big difference in your life. My problem is I had quit going to the doctor's for years so he did not see the biggest me. To ME I am thin!
Mom has tried to find the WW bagels everywhere so she went to the store where she bought them and ordered 10 packs! The manager said they were suprised how many people are asking for them.
MaryAnn did you go out on the motorcycle? Hubby wants me to ride with him but it is bad enough riding in the car. You know you (and me!) are getting old when a late night is 10 pm.
YH what is O'Charlies? Sounds like a pub.
Hmmm do we need to do a 5 pound challenge? Haven't done a challenge in a while.
Well big hugs to all who share this torture er/a struggle.
Have a great tomorrow! Kathy

    Bookmark   March 13, 2004 at 9:01PM
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