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rich-47January 24, 2007

None of my tvs have an audio out jack. How hard is it to install one?

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I would guess you'd be messing with a circuit board inside the cabinet and that any TV lacking such a jack probably is old enough or inexpensive enough not to bother. Is there a headphone jack you could use?

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You would need a schematic of the sound card or portion of the TV to even attempt to install an Audio Out jack. You could consider installing a Headphone jack, like steve o suggested. A jack could be wired from the speaker wires in that the speakers would cut out when you plug in headphones. Or if you have a Stereo sound on the TV, connect a Stereo Headphone jack from each speaker for that affect. What did you have in mind for this Audio Output Jack?

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I want to install the transmitter for wireless headphones.

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