Breaking thread and needles

zippydJanuary 23, 2006

I just received a Brother Pacesetter 2002D for Christmas. I also received a large box of Madeira Thread and some Robison-Anton thread. All are rayon. No matter what I try to do, I cannot get my machine to sew out a full design. The thread breaks over and over. I tried taking the spool off my machine and placing it in a cone thread holder further from my machine. I was told this sometimes helps as the thread has time to unwind prior to entering the needle. That doesn;t work much better. I still broke thread and a needle. If I put the spool on the floor and hold the thread with my fingers I can get the design to sew out better. After I figured that out I started having bobbin problems. I am learning to fill a bobbin and found filling it half way worked better than filling it 100%. I had a lot of trouble getting the bobbin to wind evenly due to the problems with my thread.

Anyone having this problem?

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When I had a problem with breaking thread, I found that I wasn't threading the machine correctly. I don't have the same machine as you do but once I got the threading down the breaking stopped. Colleen

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I would take it back to the dealer you got it from and explain what it's doing and make them figure it out. As much as sewing machines cost, the dealers should make them work right!


PS - I have a Brother PC8500 and have never had much trouble with the thread unless there was something like a little piece of thread stuck in it. The bobbin winder does tend to wind inconsistently. I have used a few pre wound bobbins for machine embroidery and they worked great! They are JP Coats prewound cardboard bobbins.

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My sewing friend came over and watched me thread my machine and sew a design. She has a sewing machine like mine which is why my husband got that model. She could not determine anything I was doing wrong. She started threading the needle and sewing on the machine. For a moment it looked like I was the problem but then the same thing started happening to her. I guess my machine will have to go to the hospital. Ladies, thanks for answering my questions. I still hope to hear from anyone else with an idea. I'll keep you posted. ZippyD (Deborah)

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Are you sure you have the correct type needle in there and that there are no thread snips or whatever in the bobbin area? When you got the machine, did you test it out on the sewing side to see if it did the same thing? Sounds like a good idea to take it back to the dealer to find out what is wrong with the machine...or you could have bought some old happens to the best of us.

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Thanks to everyone responding to my plea for help. I believe I have resolved the problem as of today. I put the machine on a different table. This one is more sturdy and does not move at all when the machine is running. The old table wobbled a little. I bought size 14 universal embroidery needles and prewound bobbins. I took the needle and bobbin out, blew out any dust and thread pieces and installed a new needle and fresh bobbin. I am using a cone thread holder for my thread. I also went to embroidery edit and slowed the stitches per minute from 800 to 600. The machine has been spitting out designs now with no hangups, broken thread or broken needles. ZippyD

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