safety edging (bumpty) needed for deck to prevent falls

faithabApril 7, 2005

We opened our home for a charity event and elderly visitor did not see the edge of our two level deck and fell. We later learned she broker her hip. Now, six months later the art museum called to say that her insurance company wanted our name and address "just for their records." Panic!! Called our insurance company who went out to take pictures.

Although they did not tell us we need some sort of safety strip we now think it would be best if we did. The deck is greay wood, two LOW levels with one step between top and bottom level and about two inches out to grass.

Is there some sort of bumply edging in white or something that could be tacked to the edge that would alert people via color AND feel that a transition is about to be made. Like a rumble strip on a highway? We could paint it just white but I want something more.

Thanks for any advice. Regards, Faith

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I would get some of that yellow bright reflective tape and stick it down for parties.
I have friends with a deck like that....and at night with a lot of people...candles and torches, beer and wine, it's pretty dangerous...
Could you varnish a strip along the edge of a step and coat it with sand before it dried?...Maybe wouldn't be different enough...
Linda C

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