cell phone not holding power

jardinistaJanuary 8, 2007

I have an LG flip phone with verizon service.I've had the phone for about 1 1/2 years.I recharge it when the bars go down to one. Lately,I get about 15 minutes of talk time and the phone goes dead.It recharges to full bars and without talking,will last about 2 days or so. But almost no talk time. What's up? Crappy phone,battery? Thanks.

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More than likely the battery has developed a memory. Ni-Cad batteries are worst for this kind of problem, but other than Ni-Cad batteries take much longer for the problem to occur. years ago there were all sorts of chargers/maintainers one could use to discharge and recharge the battery several times to correct the problem, but nowadays it's just as easy to buy a new battery and be done with it. A battery should give you about a year of good use.

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That battery should be a lithium-ion battery, and, therefore, much more resistant to a memory effect than NiCds. But ray is right -- this battery likely is spent. Two days standby is not much, especially if you don't have analog service on the phone. It's easiest to get a new battery. I've purchased several batteries off that big auction site (even third-party non-brands) and, if you're careful to buy from a seller who makes their living selling phones and accessories, you're likely to get a decent battery for not much money.

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I have an old Kyocera QCP 3035, which is having the same problem. It doesn't hold a charge for very long. Where can I find a replacement battery, and how do I install it?

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