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joe_mnJanuary 2, 2011

4yr old 20" lcd monitor has issues. i can see a very faint image. burned out backlights? found video online on how to take it apart. got out backlight. has 2 bulbs. both are burnt on glass ends. they seem to be 2.4mmX 385mm lg? found some online for $10 each. i wonder if it is worth it to even try to fix it. do any non-techs even try this repair? who buys the bulbs online? why do they sell them if no one buys them?

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Actually, your problem may be the DC/DC converter which provides the high voltage to the backlights. If the failure was sudden, it's often the DC/DC converter. If it gradually became dimmer and dimmer before it failed, then it may be the backlights.

You do need to be careful when working on the panel as it is very easy to damage it and the associated ribbon connectors. You also have to be careful of static electricity.

It's not rocket science but does require some technical knowledge (or at least technical common sense), tools, and supplies.

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i had the pc going into sleep mode for the last year. about 1 month ago i could not get the monitor to wake up. i could hear hard drive spinning but no video. it did start eventually. a few weeks ago, same issue. i pushed power button for monitor and got a 1 sec image. than black. i managed to get into power settings and as i was about to change settings, monitor stayed on. last week. got only very faint image. never noticed any drop in brightness. i do keep settings rather dim. now it is black. got new monitor.

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