sony 42' lcd don't waste your$$$$

cathymessJanuary 26, 2007

Of course this is my own experience. Bought the television not quite 2 years ago and recently started having problems with it. Took it to our dealer and he said it was the optic block, and since it was out of warranty we would have to pay $ labor to have it repaired. My thoughts were we paid 2300.00 for the tv it should of lasted longer then that. After talking to 4 different people at the SONY customer relations it was determined that they could not help us. The best reason why this could of happened was during shipping a wire got bent and it has taken a year for it to burn. And we are responsible for that. NEVER WILL I HAVE A SONY PRODUCT IN MY HOME AGAIN. Needless to say, we are in the market for a new television... any suggestions???? thanks, Cathy

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We love, love, love our new Samsung...1080p LCD. Well worth the price, imho. I'm watching television again.

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I'll second Samsung. I've been very happy with their LCD monitors for many years.

Though I have a lot of Sony stuff in my home because I like the performance, their "customer service" is well-below-par and I dislike the "tough: we-set-the-standard" approach to business. As a result, Sony is rarely on my short list to purchase anything anymore.

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Almost forgot -- Sharp has some very nice sets, as does Panasonic -- though Panny would rather you bought plasma at that size.

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I am real happy with the 32" Sony LCD TV I have. Sony makes good products, but I do agree with those of you relating to Sony's customer support. Their support is lousy. What I would do if I was you is to take the complain all the way to the top over and over again. I would not give-up until the TV is repaired at a fair cost.

In relation to "a wire got bent and it has taken a year for it to burn" as explained by Sony makes no sense to me. What makes more sense is that the problem relates to manufacturing, probably when it was put together. I suspect a defective component instead, and this could happen with any electrical component.

There is a good article on LCD and plasma TV's on the December issue of Consumers Reports.

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