Tea/dish towels

stitcheasy2003January 2, 2007


Are tea towels and dish towels the same thing? (fabric used to dry and wipe your dishes with). . Or do you have another name for them?

Dish cloths for washing dishes with.

Hand towels for drying hands with.

That may sound like a silly question to ask but each place has its own name for things.

Thank you

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Hello stitcheasy...I'm Karen from the UK and over here we use teatowels for drying dishes....dishcloths for washing them.....flannels for washing our faces and hand towels for drying our hands!
I dont think it's a silly question at all,its great to find out what people in other countries call every day items! I have a friend in the USA who one sent me some 'tip towels' which seemed to be a little smaller than a hand towel but bigger than a flannel, but they're much too pretty to use for anything!

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Tea towels are smaller than dish towels and often linen or cotton. Many are used for show in the kitchen and people collect them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Examples of tea towels

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