Walkman Question

judy_jayJanuary 22, 2007

I have a Walkman AM/FM radio that suddenly stopped playing on AM only, with just static coming through. Anyone know what caused this? I assume it's a permanent condition so I will only get FM on it from now on.

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Barring obvious trauma (the Walkman was dropped or such), it sounds like a component just got old and passed on. You might be able to take apart the Walkman to see if there is an obviously-disconnected wire or such. But getting into the unit non-destructively might not even be possible. And your time probably could be better spent looking for a replacement. :-(

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Thanks, Steve. That's kind of what I thought as the Walkman is kinda old. The FM is still fine but I'll get a new one as I need both. Just never realized things could just go out that quickly. I'm definitely not handy enough to take it apart. :0)

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