Baste in hoop (fix button) help

Vicky45January 31, 2011

I own a Vicking designer SE and have not been able to use the fix button to baste around the design. I push fix and the machine sounds a beep. the button does not light up. I must be missing a step. I know it works because it worked for the instructor when I was taking a class. She is gone now and cant fine anyone to help. Thanks

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I don't believe the fix button is for basting around the design. I think it is to tie off or end stitching.

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My instruction book saids to use the fix button to fix the fabric. Thanks

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Hi Vicky

Have you figured out how to use the fix button yet?
It only works when you are in the embroidery stitching screen, ready to start. Otherwise it will just beep at you. The screen should show your thread colours to the right of your design. When you are in the sewing screen, the fix button acts as a thread tie-off. You push the button when you start to stitch/finish stitching, it stitches 4-5 stitches in one spot to secure the thread. Hope this helps. Good Luck


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