Husqvarna Scandivania 400 embroidery

brenda_2009January 7, 2009

My husband bought me a Husqvarna Scandivania 400 embroidery sewing machine. I'm not sure if all the Husqvarna cards fit or if you need a specialized one for that machine. Any info on that machine would be very helpful. I'm new to the machine embroidery game. Thanks

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Yeah, unlike digital cameras where it's very clear (" This camera takes MicroSD cards") your embroidery machine's literature will refer to non-specific "embroidery cards." You want cards that can be used by the Scandinavia 300/400, Rose, Iris, #1+/Orchidea. There's a different kind of card used for the quilter machines, the packages don't state they work for all machines. Then it gets more complicated since the most advanced models use USB sticks so you'll often find designs sold on CD which is useless unless you have a 4d reader/writer kit.

I got my Scandinavia a few months ago and as I've become comfortable with it it has proven worth the hassle and extra time figuring out all its picky needs. I even ended up buying the Embird program and the Embird Studio plug-in, making my own designs is a huge treat.

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If I purchase the reader writer kit, do I need all the 4d software? Can I download from the computer if I have the reader writer and programmable card? Will it work without the 4d software? Thanks

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To use the reader writer kit you only need the "4D Organizer" software, which is a file browser that lets you look at pictures of the embroidery designs and choose which one to pout on the card. I have yet to find another way to write data onto my cards using the reader writer.
A lot of the 4D software seems kinda useless, which is why I went with Embird instead.

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i am going to get my wife a scandivania 400, and i am trying to figure out everything else i am going to need with it in order to be able to take my own files from the computer and put them to embroidery through the machine. do you have proprietary software/hardware? and lastly about how much should all these "extra's" be. i appreciate people taking time out of their day to help me with this. it seems like they don't want you to know this unless you TALK to a salesperson.

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