Stink Bugs - They're Back!!!

barbcollinsApril 17, 2011

I am preparing for another bad summer with the Stink Bugs. They never went away this winter, but at least there numbers went down. I thought now might be a good time to put our heads together about what worked and what didn't.

Here is what I tried last year.

1. Dishwashing Liquid/Water - Nope, just made cleaner stink bugs

2. Peppermint Oil - Didn't do a thing to deter them.

3. Lavender Bath Beads - Again didn't do thing.

4. Rubbing Alcohol - yes this kills them but you have to soak them in it.

5. Talstar - Oh this definitely kills them but takes a day or two. Also doesn't last, they'll be back.

6. Freezing them out. We tried this over the winter with no luck. House either didn't get cold enough it didn't bother them.

This year I am trying:

1. Dead Inn Stink Bug Trap. I set it out last week, but no a single bug in there. They are telling me it's too early because they are still in hibernation mode? Huh? They don't look like they are hibernating to me.. Crawling all over the place and I have found eggs already.

2. Trichogramma Wasps - This is one I read about on gardenweb. I order 15,000 of them and plan to release them tomorrow or the next day. Supposedly they keep the numbers down by destroying their eggs.

3. Pesticides; I'll keep spraying the house with Talstar until I find something better. Would like to find a fogger type bomb I could set off in the attack.

4. I also keep a bowl of rubbing alcohol, water & vegetable oil in the kitchen and throw any I catch in there. The oil seems to drown them quicker.

So, what did you try last year? What worked? What didn't?

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We had them coming inside this winter too. It's a good thing they're so easy to catch or we'd go crazy. We have been dealing with them in a very basic fashion - paper towel, grab and squash. That's in or near the kitchen area. Near a bathroom we use the tissue, grab and flush approach. We may or may not squash depending on our mood. My husband HATES them. It takes my husband quite a while to get around to doing something I ask, but all I have to do is point at a stink bug and he's up in a flash. This amuses me no end.

Where did you buy your wasps? Gardens Alive? I'd be interested to know if they work for you. I imagine things will be worse this summer. At the end of last summer I had those stinkers all over the front porch one sunny afternoon.

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I got the wasps from Planet Natural. Their instructions say you need to release a couple time over several weeks, so I need to order more.

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In the northern Virginia area, my pest control company sprays for them, and whatever else is around, every 3 months. Works like a charm.

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I would not order wasps to control the stink bugs. If the wasps take over, what would be the next predator you need to introduce to get rid of them? Stink bugs are an annoyance, but they are also harmless. I would love to see the stink bugs go away. They have infested a vehicle that I leave parked outside. I had to take the door panels off to get to some of their hiding spots. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get the stink out. Yes, very annoying, but still not worth it to me to risk introducing a predator that may become an even bigger hazard itself. Wasps can build nests all over your house in places that are very hard to reach, they can sting, and some people are so allergic to them, it could mean their death. Last summer, I got stung by a hornet just above my eye. Within 20 minutes, it swelled up, I started feeling sick, and I missed the next 2 days of work. Please try to find another way other than wasps - you may be putting yourself and others in a lot of risk.

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cas66ragtop - Look up the type of wasp being discussed above. They are TINY and STINGLESS and have been used in agriculture for year. Very interesting species and not even remotely like the type of wasps that concern you.

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Yes these wasps are tiny. No bigger than the head of a pin. They do not sting.

Sorry, but I DO NOT consider Stink Bugs harmless. I have a growing concern that when we try to sell our house in a few years the stink bugs will drive away buyers.

But the real problem is that they are destroying crops. Orchards in our area lost over 50% of their apples and peaches last year. And they are saying this year will be worse.

What will we do when our farmer's lose the majority of their crops every year?

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They don't go away in the winter, they hibernate; they crawl in any crack around the outside of your house and cluster together for warmth. We were stripping off siding last month before it got warm enough for them to break dormancy and found them by the gallon.

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oh man i cant stand stink bugs. they are everywhere at work and i constantly get calls about taking care of them. it seems like this is their favorite time of year.

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appage21 - You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Usually they are worse in July/Aug/Sept.

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