Water Disaster-need information

galatea_sdApril 15, 2006


we woke up this morning to water on the bathroom floor in the basement. It turns out that we had to call the city to shut off the supply to our house, as shutting off the water at the meter didn't stop it. A plumber came & told us he thinks there is a broken pipe somewhere under the foundation, as there is lots of water coming out from under the tub, and also there is water seeping through the cracks in conrete floors (we don't have them finished). We have a shop-vac going and it is just keeping up with the water in the bathroom(it is now about 4 hours since the water was shut off.)

The plumber was concerned that the broken pipe under the foundation could have created holes form the water pressure spraying out. We are waiting to hear form our insurance adjuster, and were hoping that someone could give us some advice on what we need to be doing. We are going to request that they take cores through the floor throughout that basement on the plumber's recommendation to prevent future problems.

What else should we be doing?

Thanks in advance for any ideas and help.


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Call your insurance adjuster again to make sure they know it is urgent - stress that fact that waiting will be more costly. Call a couple of water damage companies and get quotes now so that you will have them ready as soon as possible. They will probably have ways to decrease potential damages as well. Also, in an on-going disaster you do not have to have the standard 3 quotes and wait for your insurance. Whoever you can get over there first to help, you insurance company has to pay - they may fight you on it but they will lose. Good luck!

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