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quiltingbunnyMarch 27, 2004

Hi, I am not yet there (probably MONTHS away) but I can't find anything, anywhere about doing WW maintenance.

Can anyone tell me about points for weight - If my target weight is 125 pounds, how do I maintain that?

Any help explaining the WW Maintenance plan would be appreciated. The Online does not tell me or WONT tell me because I am not there yet.

Many thanks,


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In the old days you gradually added calories 'til you found out how much to eat without going over goal weight. Later they had you add extra food exchanges, so today it would probably be adding points.

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Hey Wildchild I remember those good old days! Yes I think you would eat the same stuff but could add 300 calories per day and see what happened. Of course most people saw thata s time to eat normally again and back came the weight. Be careful! Kathy

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Thanks for the info...I think what I will do (and I know I am a LONG way from this point) is go to a nutritional site, get the information on the required calories for my weight and figure my diet out from there. The other point is to pay attention to my PORTIONS and continue to use smaller bowls, plates for meals.
Thanks for the info.

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