Wording with disney 270

disneyfanJanuary 28, 2007


I'm still trying to love this machine, buying lots of thread to be ready to go when I figure it out a little more, still haven't attempted a disney design. What I want to know is how (or if) you can put a space between two words on a line. Thanks for any help.

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Hi, I believe we have the same machine. If it is, to put a space between words there is a screen just after the number screen with symbols on it . On the top row is a line,next to last symbol. It should give you a space.
Hope this helps. I'm still learning,too. I'm in Louisiana; bet you are far away or we could help each other.

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Thanks Sally,
I will look for that, I thought I had looked all the way through but guess I just didn't see it. How long have you had your machine? I just bought mine in January. It is all new to me. Don't have a clue what I'm doing. I'm in Pensacola Florida.

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Sally is correct about where the space is located.
I LOVE my SE-270 machine (same as yours). I've had it for almost 2 years now and IT ROCKS! If you would like a little help on how to use it, let me know (email is [annjellicle @ yahoo . com] (take out the spaces). I can work up a document with explicit directions for a specific Disney design on the machine (tell me which one you'd like to try) (the book that comes with the machine is not very specific. It took me just messing with it until I figured it out to be able to use it well). I use it almost everyday now (I'm a dressmaker) and it is a dream! (I also use embroidery cards with PE software, which means that I use other designs that are not on the machine already. Once you get the hang of it, you'll see how easily you can do this, too.)
Sorry, I sound crazy and excited, but I really do sing the praises of this machine. Stick with it and you'll see how cool it is, too!

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Hi, I am rather new to this board and have been busy and forgot to come back. :)
I have had my machine for just over a year but didn't do any thing on it for a while. I am finishing up dresses for my GD's for Easter with a basket on the front. It has a bunny peeking over the top and then colored eggs in the basket and on the dress. I first made this dress and design over 30 years ago for my DD. This time however I used my machine to embroider the eggs. (these designs I found on line) Using a glue that allows you to remove and replace, I have 4 eggs they can place to their hearts content. I can hardly wait to give them to them.
I'd put a picture on this forum but I have not yet learned how. (I know how to e-mail pictures) Any suggestions?
Have a great day, Sally aka Nana24

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