Kind of cable to buy to connect my MP3 player to Sony CD player

janepaJanuary 21, 2009

I purchased a Sony Micro Hi-Fi Component System CMT-BX20i. It accepts 1 cd, has a radio, and an iPod dock w/adapters, but I own an inVion MP3 player.

The salesperson said I could listen to the music on my MP3 player with the addition of a cable so I bought it. I checked and I do not have this cable with my MP3 player. The instructions with the Sony cd player state that "additional audio components can be connected to the AUDIO IN jack using an audio analog cord". It said to turn down the volume on the system, and then select the AUDIO IN function. Why does the volume need to be turned down, and what specifically do I ask for when I go to purchase the cable?

Thank you. Jane

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Jane, I purchased a cable at Best Buy to connect my iPod to my stereo receiver. It sounds like you need the same thing. Go to the department that sells iPods and other MP3s and look for a rack of cable accessories. I think that mine is made by Belden. Or ask a salesperson for help. This cable will have a mini-plug on one end (plugs into the earphone jack on your MP3 player), and then splits into to two cables, each with an "RCA" plug on the ends. These match the inputs on your Sony system, make sure that you have two Audio In jacks, a Right and a Left. If you don't, you may need another type of cable, or an adaptor to go with the cable. It would be helpful if you could see your Sony unit in the same store that sells the cables, but not necessary. Radio Shack is probably another source for such cables. They tell you to turn down the volume on the player so that you won't blow out the speakers when you turn it on. Once you get it set up and working, you can see how to best set the volume. Hope this helps, Steve

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I looked at the specs for your Sony and it looks like you need a cable with a mini-plug at each end. You should be able to get that in the places I mentioned above. Steve

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Thanks Steve. Sorry I did not get back sooner. Your suggestion of the mini-plug at both end was correct. For such a small CD player it has good sound. Even my DH agrees and he is harder to please since I hear the 'whole picture' while he picks out all the individual instruments.

I sure appreciate these forums. Even when I ask dumb questions (I know there are no . . .) I get respectful answers.

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You're welcome, Jane. Glad it worked out for you. Yes, forums are great. Steve

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