Mushrooms erupting through paved driveway!

bop28April 21, 2002

My cousin in Northern NJ, has very strong mushrooms that break through the surface of his driveway! He has tried fungicides, but they don't seem to work. Has anyone else ever heard of such a thing? I really didn't know that mushrooms could be so powerful and destructive. If he didn't send me the picture, I wouldn't have believed it. Help!

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If they are morels (sponge) he could sell them and get enough money to repair any damage. LOL.

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Mushrooms will continue to produce where there is decomposing organic material like scraps of wood from the construction site, tree limbs or roots, or other debris. The mushrooms will continue to produce until the material is completely decomposed. The mushrooms are part of the decompensation process as Mother Nature planned.

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If they are coming through a paved driveway, then he needs to look at the thickness of it. If it is then, time to redo.

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It is not unusual to see mushrooms erupt through 2-4 inches of asphalt.

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Try salt, straight from the table. Another option is boiling water.

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There is a scientific explaination of how the mushroom can do this at the link below

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Did anything work to get rid of the mushrooms? We have them growing in the wood trim on our garage window (in NY). Have tried bleach but it just keeps growing and eating away at the wood.

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