Deco 330 downloads

dixiebelleARJanuary 27, 2006

Is there a way to transfer from computer to the Deco

330 without buying a personal design card and reader/writer

box. If not is there a source for used cards and boxes.

This is getting so expensive, I seem to need threads,cards,

and all sorts of things just to get started. Please help

getting very discouraged. Wanda

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Wanda, I don't have that machine, but if it only has a slot for those small memory cards like mine does, that's the only way to get designs into it.

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I have a Deco 330 and I've been researching this very topic. What I've found so far is that to transfer all those wonderful free and bought designs is to buy a Magic Box with a blue #2 card. The Ultimate Box and the Amazing Box do not work (I found out the hard way). has the best price I could find.
I feel the same way as you do. I love my machine but I wished I would have researched it a little more before buying.

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Newbie here,at least to this site.I hang out at several other places at the GW.Anyway,does anyone know where or if you can buy the cards for the Viking Rose anywhere else besides Viking(husq)???

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Wanda, I have the 330 and I bought the blank design card and a card reader. The card reader is a generic one and quite cheap. The card cost me $99, I think. I use my Bernina software and transfer the design to my card and then put the card in the machine. I delete designs that I don't want and add more to the card. It's used just like any other memory card.

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Thanks for the info.Maryanntx where did you find the memory
card for $99. The only ones I have found are 139.00 and the box is at least $80.Wanda

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Try ebay.

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Wanda, I bought the card at a Bernina dealership in San Antonio, TX. I was expecting to pay over $100 for it, but it was on sale for $99. I got a plain card reader from an electronics store that would accomodate that size memory card and it works fine.

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Here is a picture of the card reader that I have.

It's a SanDisk ImageMate, Model No. SDDR-77
It will hold 2 different sizes of memory cards. The Bernina design card fits in the large slot. I have seen them priced from $10.95 to $35.95 online. I bought mine last January and have used it many times.

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I called it a card reader, but it's actually a card reader/writer.

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Thank you so much. I have a small scan disk that I us with my camera. So I know where to get the larger one. This will save me some money that I can spend on thread.The
picture made it clear again thanks Wanda

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Hi Maryanntx,
Thanks so much for your help in the past. Need you again
please. I'm having a problem with the free designs from
the internet. I can download them, copy to a cd,but can't
get them into my software I only have explorations lite.
I'm not sure how to get them to the card either. I downloaded to my documents. Is this all wrong?

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Wanda, I'm not familiar with the program that you use. Can you open the Explorations Lite and then open your design from there?

Also most free designs are zipped files. I usually download them to my desktop and then unzip the file and save it to My Designs folder. I must then open my Bernina software and open the design from there.

How do you open any other designs that are on your computer?

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Maryanntx,I'm downloading to desktop,butI think maybe I'm not doing it in the correct format.I thought it was ART but
yesterday I started reading and maybe it should be EXP? When I open the files should they just be a bunch of text or will I have a picture of some sort? I can unjip them,just can't seem to get them into explorations lite.The
program says I have no embrodiery files on my computer. I have also tried placing them on a CD.I may just need another software program.
Thanks so much for your help, Wanda

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Maryanntx, I have my design card and Scan disk, but the
design card will not fit into the second slot. I got the
Artista 200 personal design card? Is this correct? I missed
something? Wanda

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I also have the Artista 200 Personal Design Card, Wanda and it works fine in my reader/writer.

When you try to look for embroidery files on your computer, make sure that where it says Files of Type that you choose All file types.

In this diagram you can see that I am searching for only ART files.

If you are still having problems you can email me the design and I'll change it to the format that you need and then e-mail it back to you. I would think that you need to download the ART format, unless your program will change other design formats to ART.

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I am new to site and new owner of a Deco 330. Is it possible to use a compact flash card with pcmcia adapter? The machine says it "cannot read" but guys @ radio shack cannot see a reason why it shouldn't work. Thanks for the great info.

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Hi Maryanntx,
I am thinking of buying a deco 330. What size card does the reader you have read? I have a card reader built into my desktop but I am having no luck finding out if it will work with the card for this machine. I read up on your reader and it said a CF but when the person measured her card it was about a fourth of an inch longer than my CF slot on my reader. I would appreciate any help you can give.

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I'd also like to know if the compact flash drive and adapter should work. I was told it should and I cannot get it to work. I'm very frustrated with this machine's capabilities and the costs involved. Help?

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What problems are you having? Are you trying to transfer single designs to the card from your computer? You cannot "write" designs that are stored in a folder because the emb. machine cannot open folders...You must unzip or open folders and copy the designs one at a time. Are the designs in the correct format for your machine? If they're wrong format the machine will not recognize them and you will see nothing. Maybe you should give a bit more info re your problem.

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If I purchase the SanDisk ImageMate SDDR-77 card reader/writer as mentioned in previous messages for my Bernina Decco 330, can you use the card that came with my Memory Box Kit that is of no use to me now since my laptop is a Windows 7? Or will I need to purchase a different type card. Does it have to be from a Bernina Dealer. I know I sound really ignorant but I've not used my machine since I purchased it 4 years ago.....we made a major move after I purchased it and then major health issues that is resolved now. Thanks for anyone's help.

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