Diet Pals - Spring!!!! 14 - 21 March

quiltingbunnyMarch 14, 2004


I put myself to bed yesterday and slept round the clock, got out and did some retail therapy and basically shook my head until my attitude adjusted. I feel better today and thank you for listening to me.

Glad to see everyone posting, losing and still hanging in there. My week was tough, I think I gained a good pound but not sweating it. No more events this month and I can get refocussed on what I am doing. Going back through my books, got the new WW magazine in the UK and enjoying it completely.

Today hoping to get caught up with the house a wee bit - general tidying up and laundry. Hopefully, if the weather permits, going to get out in the yard for awhile.

I'm back, my mood is in check and putting one foot in front of the other.

As for work, I am determined to make the best of it and show them that I can do this - I love my job, the work itself - I just have to do some culture adjustment.

Hope you are enjoying your day today. Let's make it count!



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OK I copied most of my message that was last on the previous thread - I write books I hope will be read!
The banquet last night was a long drawn out affair. I should not complain about free food but - the chicken was breaded fried and had ham and American cheese in it. It looked like a loaf of bread. The Athenians would never have touched that! The salad was really fruit with some dairy sauce on it. About the only healthy thing was the carrots. I passed the dessert right to hubby so that was good at least. The entertainment was good but there was too much of it and after kids singing, testimonials (it was a children's ministry appreciation dinner) and thank yous, group singing with a guy who kept saying "one more time!", kids dancing then they called up a speaker! He was good but I was ready to bolt for the door.
I do not need to worry about my doctor's appt Monday because it turned out I had scheduled my appt. and the dog's appt. 10 minutes from each other so we know which one was put off another 2 weeks ;-)
I made the Italian pasta dish that I posted the recipe for supper and hubby loved it but boy is it spicy! It would be great food when someone has a cold. If you try it, precook the sausage and cool it before slicing. I had too many things going on at once and overcooked it a little but that did not hurt anything. I thought it "needed" something so added a spoonful of fat free sour cream to my dish. I used frozen pepper stir fry for the peppers and picked the onions out so was a little low on peppers and added mushrooms. Red, yellow and orange peppers here are $4.00 a pound. Hmmm maybe I sould grow some this summer....
Oh heck gals I have been losing and gaining the same 8 pounds forever. BUT I am still 46 pounds lighter than I used to be! It makes a big difference in your life. My problem is I had quit going to the doctor's for years so he did not see the biggest me. To ME I am thin!
Mom has tried to find the WW bagels everywhere so she went to the store where she bought them and ordered 10 packs! The manager said they were suprised how many people are asking for them.
MaryAnn did you go out on the motorcycle? Hubby wants me to ride with him but it is bad enough riding in the car. You know you (and me!) are getting old when a late night is 10 pm.
YH what is O'Charlies? Sounds like a pub.
Hmmm do we need to do a 5 pound challenge? Haven't done a challenge in a while.
Well big hugs to all who share this torture er/a struggle.
Bought a copy of Friendly Persuasion on - one of my favorite movies and it was time for a treat.
Have a great Sunday! Kathy

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Hey ladies (and gentlemen too if there are any out there). It's getting close to bedtime here and I have done okay on the diet today. I had cereal with skim milk for breakfast. For lunch I made my first ever Pad Thai and it was delicious! I had never tasted it before either. It probably had a little more peanut butter than I should have but I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow and I can't wait.

For dinner tonight I had a Pita stuffed with chicken, raisins, walnuts, apples and to hold it together was a mixture of low fat mayo, chutney, lemon juice, curry powder and dijon mustard. I put a little shredded lettuce in it and it wasn't too bad a meal. The only way I can eat low fat mayo is if it is really doctored up.

Kathy, I made the Pasta dish and it was pretty good. It reminded me of spaghetti which I am not crazy about. I added more peppers because I love red ones in particular. If I try it again I will add more caraway seeds. Did you add them to yours? Since you said yours was spicy you probably bought the hot Italian turkey sausage. I bought the mild.

Yesterday was another story though. I was bad again! We were in town for lunch and we ate at the Atlanta Bread Company. They had paninni and I had never tried it so I wanted some so bad that I gave it. I won't tell you how good it was. Then we were still in town shopping at dinner time so we decided to go to a favorite restaurant down in Cullman which is about an hours drive for our anniversary which actually is Tuesday. We both had our favorite which is the Fettucini Alfredo with blackened chicken. After we finished they brought out their signature Orange Role which is out of this world. I won't tell you how much I enjoyed all of that either but you can imagine how much weight I am loosing. I'm being good except when I go out to eat. Both DH and I love to go out to eat.

Kathy, you think you are getting old when you go to bed at 10:00? I go to bed every night at 9:00 and have for many years so I must be aged and decreped. LOL I have to get up at 4:40 though to get ready for work. Then I work ten hours.

That's enogh for tonight. ((((((Hugs)))))) to all my diet buddies. I hope you are loosing more than I am.

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Good morning all. Hope today is a great day for you at work McPeg!
Beverly about the "old" going to bed early. I was remembering the days when I went out like MaryAnn and hubby (prehubster) and 10 was just starting the night. Now if I see 10 it is because I have had too much caffiene. Hubby gets up at 5 and I do too but sometimes I sneak back to bed (not often).
Hmmm now why did that dish taste spicy to me and not you? Hubby loved it warmed up too.
I did Ok for the weekend - concentrated more than portion control than anything but it's back to the green salt mines today.
OK Beverly did you a peanut butter that is low fat? I saw in a book a calorie count for fat removed peanut butter and it was very low calorie. Cannot find it anywhere. The regular stuff has 200 calories per "tiny" serving.Good for you trying all those exotic foods! I love Indian food but our local restaurant closed down. 20 years ago I would not have touched any exotic food, now they are an adventure.
I saw a news blurb about the magic bullet pill (for helping quit overeating and smoking) and the pill is supposed to be available by 2006 if trials work out. I can't imagine volunteering to take drugs to test them.
Saw on Dateline last night that it takes at least 2 years to get your dieting on track for life so be patient when you fail and try try again.
Happy losing! Kathy

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I can't believe my eyes today - I was sure as sugar I gained weight after last week - I dropped a pound??? I am baffled. My total weight loss, slow but steady, is now 15 pounds total since beginning of Jan. Not complaining and feeling pretty good about it.
I splurged on some yummy fruits for lunch today and small, lunch sized tins of tuna - have to remember to eat proteins.
Managed to sleep through most of the weekend, caught up on my sleep and feeling somewhat better. Hate being emotional - it wears me out more than digging in the garden! Got some sound advice from my sister regarding my feelings and work and taking everything one step at a time.

Your support is appreciated and this forum is great! My saving grace has been continuing to reach my health goals. I will persist. Have a checkup with my health nurse next week to chat about recent events and to make sure I am not blowing things out of proportion.

I am trying to make today count! Paying attention to NOT MISSING meals or cutting back (I am not hungry when I feel bleach).

Glad to read everyone's posts - reminds me to pick myself up and dust myself off and get with it!

Cheers for now,


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Good morning all! It's pretty here today and I've got a lot planned---hopefully, I'll get it all done. lol

O'Charley's is a restaurant that serves alcohol. I wound up having the Chicken Teriaki which is chicken with pineapple with rice and veggies. It was delicious! Yesterday, I sorta went overboard on a few fattening snacks, so today I'll watch it. Haven't weighed yet.

Done walking already, had to clean up my kitchen, got really lazy over the weekend. Did a Wal-mart stop yesterday after church for snacks.

Yes, I believe that about 2 years for getting the dieting routine downpat. It seems that my scales fluctuate, but I'm pleased with my weight loss so far.

Have a great day, ladies! I have a tulip blooming on my windowsill!

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Hi Yellowhair,
your dinner sounds like it was grand! I have crocuses blooming here.
I am sure your walking will knock those pounds down!

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Good Monday everyone!!!
I stayed busy over the weekend. We had our FFA/4H stock show. My youngest, who is a Senior didn't show anything this year, but my grandson, who is also a Senior, LOL made a storage cabinet with a saddle rack attached to one side. He got Reserve Grand Champion for it! It sold at the auction for over $1700.00! We were so proud of him!

I didn't really eat too much over the weekend, but Jammer and I did go out Friday night and I had a few beers. Then Saturday his brother from California flew in and they had a surprise birthday party for him at the family ranch. So as soon as the stock show auction was over, I headed to that party and had more drinks, barbecue, chips, salsa and chocolate cake!

Jammer and I didn't get to ride this weekend. The weather was dreary and wet all weekend and we didn't want to get the new bike all dirty. Wouldn't you know it....he left today and the sun is shinning brightly and it's very warm. A perfect day to get out and ride.

Speaking of staying up late.....I try as hard as I can to stay up late. I would love to stay up till midnight every night, even though I do get up at 5:30 am to get ready for work. I just don't want to waste my time off work sleeping! LOL

Today I'm back on the program and eating right. I'm on Spring Break this week!!! Yeah!!! Several of us YaYa's from the class of '67 are still very close, and we are getting together Wednesday to visit, laugh, eat, laugh, shop, and laugh some more! We have so much fun together!

I've complained about the rains we've had here in South Texas, but now I'm glad we had them, because the wildflowers are popping up all over the place! The roadsides are coming alive with color. It won't be long before the bluebonnets are everywhere. I'll start taking my camera everywhere I go to try to get some good pictures. There is just no way a camera can capture the absolute beauty of a field full of wildflowers! I love Spring!

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I love spring too! Especially now that my weight is shifting. It feels great to wear stretchy pants again without looking like a bumblebee...(well I felt like one anyway!).
My weight loss has been slow and steady since starting after xmas - 14 pounds to date but I am happy with that. Have just loaded up my desk drawers with WW soups, 2 finger kitkats (the machine in the canteen only stocks 4 fingers...too many), low fat chips, fruit, water, cup a soup low fat and anything else I can think of that will keep me out of the canteen machines.
This months WW UK magazine has rated chocolate because of Easter. Really makes you think before chewing. I like the chocolate meringe idea with fruits and low fat fruit yogurts.
The only part I don't like about weight loss is my chest is shrinking too....I'd prefer my butt to shrink more! (I know, exercise!)
I am feeling a world better today about myself.
Going to make today count!


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Good morning!
MaryAnn congratulate that grandson - that is terrific! There is always work for talented craftspeople esp. woodworkers.
Hubby wants me to get a bike (motorcycle) to ride with him and his "classic" Honda (haha) I told him to buy a Silverwing and we would talk about it. I won't ride anything I cannot touch the ground from the seat. I really want a scooter - a Vespa!
McPeg! You sound like a new woman. Glad you are feeling better.
I walked at a park yesterday. It has a wooded area with trails in the back so I had both dogs and we had a nice walk until I saw a snake. We were very careful after that and walked a little faster.
I am loving those flowers too (we just have crocuses and a mini iris which is early). Today they are getting covered with snow :(
I am working on my attitude with this diet thing - trying to see it not as deprivation but to accept that in order to lose and stay slim I can't eat normal size portions of anything except green stuff. I tend to get disgusted with all of it and go enjoy myself and that is a self defeating move.
I am within a pound of the last doctor's visit and have until next Friday to drop a few more. I took all the weekend damage off yesterday and had to make myself eat a sandwich last night to get in my calories - it takes fuel to burn fat.
Beverly and Yellowhair - HI!!!! Hope you are hanging in there too.Hi to anyone else I've forgotten with this mind like a steel trap - lol! Kathy

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Good Morning! Gee, it's Tuesday already. Why is it that Spring break goes by so quickly??? The high is supposed to be 78º today. It's beautiful and sunny out.

I haven't walked since last Thursday because my walking partner is not walking this week. I may head for the track later today and walk by myself. Yesterday I started doing exercises for the upper arms so I won't look like I'm getting ready to fly away when I wear sleeveless tops this Summer. LOL

McPeg, my weight loss has been slow too. I started on Sept 24th and now, 25 weeks later I have lost 17 lbs. (Tomorrow begins week # 26 and is my weigh-in) But I haven't felt deprived at all. I'm so happy with the 17 lbs.!!! I haven't been strict with the points counting, and that is why the weight loss has been slow. But I'm doing it in a way that I feel I can continue through-out my life. The only thing I keep in my desk drawer at work is a package of chewing gum, a few green tea bags and a few splenda paks. I used to keep things like lemon drops or M&M's! I also take an apple or orange for our morning break. I'm fortunate to live near my work, so I go home for lunch every day, except for Friday when we go out to eat. I've never been a person who eats enormous meals. Instead I'm a grazer. I want to be eating or snacking all day long. I've learned to snack on healthier foods now.

Kathy, I don't want to have a motorcycle that I can't touch the ground with my feet either! *S* That's an accident waiting to happen! Of course if I'm a passenger, then it doesn't matter if I can touch the ground or not. I simply love to ride!!

Have a great day everyone!

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Hi Ya! Work might be a challenge (and then some) but I am sooooo happy with my weight loss, and MaryAnn, yep slow and sure. I too want to find something I can live with. Geez, 78 degrees - lovely day and in Scotland - that would be classified as a searing heatwave!
Kathy, I would love to have a couple of dogs and a walk in the woods - hopefully in two years! (we have a target, land but no house built yet...). I have learned that the rock piles on the land harbour lots of snakes and mice - very busy place out there!
I can see the difference this week in my tummy....

my favourite cheer me up phrases at home...while looking in the mirror and patting my tummy.....

Fat Be Gone! Fat Be Gone!

or ... (fill in the correct spelling)

Fork Off Fat! Fork Off Fat! a.k.a. when small children are around - FOF! FOF! FOF!!!!!!!!

I made today count - pointed, planned and even though physically feeling blah from this illness ... I pat myself on the back and feel good about taking care with my meals. At least this has been a positive in my day!

Love to read everyone's posts! This community of Diet Pals really lifts my spirits. Even if I don't feel like posting, I read and share with all of you.

Hope today is a good one for you in some way!



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Help! I have the munchies - now where did they come from? I am suspicious of the WW bagel I had for breakfast - I bet that was the trigger. Either that or the fact everything I tried today went kaput. I am eating veggie soup but craving sweets. I have some frozen fruit in the refrigerator so will have some soon.
Hubby is at a gun and sportsmans auction. He saw a boat motor he wants. The last auction he went to he came home with a boat motor (great deal!) AND a motorcycle.
The soup that is in the crockpot is good but still needs a little more seasoning. It started with defatted turkey broth. I put cauliflower, carrots, brocolli, green beans, sugar snap peas and a bag of mixed veggies in there. Lots of garlic. I could smell it when I came in the door.
Our snow is just a crust on the grass and the roads were fine today. Tomorrow it is supposed to warm up to 40 degrees. Lucky me!
MaryAnn I am 5'1" tall so I need a lowwwwww cycle. I saw a Hondamatic on e-bay that might work.
Well time to get that fruit and watch Catch Me if You Can. Have a good evening all. Kathy

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Never leave a man at an auction alone! He bought the boat motor for twice what he said he would pay for it. He does not even have a boat that fits this motor and it cost as much as the motorcycle (or a nice digital camera). Project for today - look up how to avoid stress eating. Kathy

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Hi Kathy! Last time I let my DH go to a car auction for a 'car' with his mate, he came home with a full sized, 8 year old Jaguar...which is now been deemed DEAD for the last 9 months in the drive - I am trying to figure out how to rip the roof off to make it into a planter! They say women are bad when loose shopping.....I beg to differ!

This morning I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!!!

Got into a UK Size 12 pants for work! Started at size 16/18 - although the scales have hardly moved the last month, the inches have. It has been slow but in small ways steady. I am getting there!

As they say, nothing is going to rain on my parade today - NOTHING!!!!!

C'mon gals! Let's make today count!


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Waaaaaa! I weighed-in this morning and I gained ½ lb.! I haven't made much progress this month. Actually I haven't made any progress this month! LOL I weighed on Friday and Saturday and had lost ½ lb. but it came back.

Today I'm getting together with 3 of my YaYa friends. We are meeting at one of the friends house to just sit around and visit. Then we will go out to eat. I will probably eat too much, but it will be a fun day!

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Good Morning, Ladies! MaryAnn, that grandson must be a true carpenter! Quiltingbunny, I'm losing in the chest area also----can stand to lose some, but don't want to lose it all!!!lol

I had a long post ready here yesterday, then when I went to the preview section, got knocked off line. Well, thought I was off line. We went out to a birthday party last night, got back and I went to check our phone messages-----I was still on line---somehow!!!! Oh, well...

I've apparently been bad, bad, bad, since I've not lost my 5-lb. increment yet---got 2 more to go------then got about 30 more to go! BUt, I'm pretty satisfied with my loss so far----it's gonna take time----and I'm not "starving" myself.

It's cold and dreary today, but already walked----exercised last night. I am going to buy more veggies, like cabbage, squash, turnips, and kale greens when I shop again. I love homemade vegetable soup---I put just a little bit of lite butter in it. Yummm!

Take care, all, and have a great St. Patrick's day!

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Happy St Paddy's day! I put green on this morning by accident - normally I am a rebel when it comes to holidays.
Awww MaryAnn hang in there! I am up this morning but ate a ton of veggie soup and frozen fruit yesterday so that is in there getting weighed too. Have fun today!! Have a green day tomorrow though.
McPeg - true story that might help you with that car - a man hubby knows was sweet talked by a salesman into buying a new Camero he could not really afford and is definitely not practical for a man, wife and 2 kids in the snow belt. Well the guy sells on e-bay and he dismantled the car and sold it in PIECES! Imagine! I guess he made regular payments and paid off the car this way - hope so anyway or the bank would be suprised if he did not. So get the screwdrivers and wrenches out and go to work!
Did you buy land "over there" or in Canada?? I won't begin to tell you how stressful building is. I would get a collie or sheltie if I were you - a boy. Mine is the best dog in the world and the sweetest. Hubby would not take a million dollars for him (I'd need to think about that).
Good for you with the pants loosening!
Hubby is very sorry about the motor. Now thta puts me in a good position to waste some money too. Hmmmm.
Have a great day all. Kathy

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(((((MaryAnn)))))) - don't you quit! I felt like it many times but just got more adament with paying closer attention to my choices. I can see where I want to be this summer and I just dug my heels in. It's still slow on the scales. Maybe it's time to treat yourself with something new. Go get something to perk yourself up! You deserve a treat after all - my treats along the way have been fun pieces of jewelry - earrings and hair bands. Go on, give yourself a boost.
Yellowhair - I love home made soup...I'm comin' over. Nothing tastes even close from a can. Hope you were good at that b'day party!
Kathy, we have 50 acres in Canada - cottage country - a piece of old farm land - 5 acres under water, 5 acres old farming fields and 40 acres mainly hardwood, young forest with a scattering of old trees (previously thinned many, many years ago). It's heaven to us. Cleared for septic and building but we have a couple of years to go paying off bills from lifestyle changes and school...unless of course our numbers come up tonight on the lottery! (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...)
As for the car - that sucker was DRIVEN, alot. DH worked and drove 3 hours round trip each day plus business travel. He wore what was left right out of that car and really, he got it for a steal.

I must admit, there were 2 starbucks muffins left from a luncheon today - one bran, one cranberry - brought them home. DH ate the bran and I was sooooo tempted to eat the cranberry on the way home (I was feeling hungry). I held off and eventually the feeling passed. I am glad I hung off - I enjoyed (for the same 5-7 points) a full pasta, chicken and mixed veggie dinner complete with a low fat cinnamon raison cookie for dessert. I am pleasantly full and quite happy with myself I did not cave on the bus coming home. I had a choice and I managed not to cave.

C'mon, let's give it a good thrashing and stick with it! We can do this!

(((((((Diet Pals))))))))

Group hugs never hurt!


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Hi everyone! I'm not quitting McPeg!! I'm so happy with the weight loss that I've had, and I know I will continue to lose.
Today I met with my friends and I ate too much, although it wasn't too bad. My oldest DS and DIL came over tonight. It was DS's birthday. We ate barbecue, chip and dip and birthday cake. So I am stuffed right now. But tomorrow I promise to be good. I need to get out and mow the yard. Our yard is enormous and with the rains and warm weather that we've had the grass is growing like crazy!

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Hi Ya !
MaryAnn - if you are pushing a lawn mower you are burning fuel...glad to see you are still getting on with things. My weight loss has sometimes stalled - actually when I look at the graph of my weight loss it is full of major plateaus but boy oh boy can I see the difference. It has sure lifted my mood a lot. I am hoping to have even a half pound off next weigh in but if not, maybe things are still shifting...either way, I am happy with things.
This is not a race but as many have said - a lifestyle adjustment for healthier habits. With all the news more and more about how overweight many of us have become, portion sizes have increased and illnesses occuring at younger ages because of poor habits - I hope I can stick with this in the long run. I don't see any maintenance threads running and if I am still with it a year from now - and on track - I hope to have a maintenance thread running or keep posting with our Diet Pals.
It sure helps to have all of you to talk to and share with.

Let's make today count!

LOL to my pals,


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McPeg, I use a riding mower. My yard is too big to try to use a push mower. Although it would sure be a work out!!!

Speaking of portion sizes.....Jammer bought me a set of dishes and I love them, except that they are over-sized. The cereal bowls will hold 3-4 times what most cereal bowls will hold. So he thinks he can fill the bowl to the top and it's 1 serving. LOL No, that's not right! I have learned portion control and when at home, behaving myself, I measure what I eat. I think it would really help Jammer if he learned what a portion or serving is! I'm trying to teach him.

It's funny that after a day of fun with my friends yesterday. We ate and enjoyed the day. Then eating more last night with my kids and even having birthday cake....I weighed this morning and I am down ½ lb.! My stomach certainly emptied its self last night! I guess it wasn't happy with all the stuffing! LOL

I've become so lazy and my yard looks so neglected (like no one lives here, LOL). So I'm planning to clean the front porch and do some moving today.

Hope you all have a great day today!

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McPeg, I'm envious of your land! lol--We live on a lake, but the lot is kinda small if you know what I mean.

Well, my scales were kind this morning---lost a pound! I treated myself to some costume jewelry today--on sale! Very cute!

Tonight is baked fish and veggies. Was invited to a Christian Women's Luncheon today----they served salad, a casserole of what looked to be cheeses, carrots, and noodles. It was good, but I know very fattening, so will have to walk more tonight.

Guess what? I've noticed that since I've started doing exercises---the ones where you have to bend down to the floor------my knees don't "pop" as much as they used to!!

Have a good evening, ladies! Hang in there---one pound at a time we'll evict our fat!! Bye, fat. Bye, cellulite.

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Hi gals! Don't tell my husband (I haven't yet) but I bought a digital camera today. I don't want to tell him because I want to be able to use it before I show it to him. It's an Olympus with a 10x optical 3x digital zoom - just perfect for wildlife photos. I get 24 free photos per month made from the memory card, a larger memorey card that cost $79 free and I talked the guy into a free case too. I haven't gone beyond turning it on but it is supposed to snow tonight so I'll have plenty of time to learn the camera tomorrow. It cost just under what the boat motor did.
Well McPeg you did not win the lottery - eh? I could use a win too and should play once in a while.
I thought your land might be in Canada. Sounds lovely.
Went for my walk yesterday and dog did a doodoo on the sidewalk (this ties with the rest of the story) right in front of the funeral home! I checked my pocket and the baggie was gone so I searched until I found a Coke can - smashed flat. I used it for a scoop and carried the stuff to the next dumpster (could have been fined for using it though). Was walking toward the car and realized my keys were missing! Backtracked and did not find them so I walked to the bank drive-up window and kind of stammered that I needed a favor and the clerk went white - later I remembered there has been a rash of burglaries and one was a woman. I had her call my Mom to come to the rescue and while I waited I found the keys in the grass where dog had "gone". Tried to call Mom with no luck so she came in and took me to the car - by then I was freezing. The things we do for exercise!
Made hubby hamburgers for supper and ate one without the roll - mmmm nothing like dead cow. We don't eat much beef. I had tomato soup too and that was a nice supper. Tuna on lettuce was lunch. Hubby wants to go out tomorrow for lunch/supper since he will get home early. The place he wants to go has many temptations on the buffet but also lots of healthy stuff so we'll see.
MaryAnn! Send some of that weightloss cake to me.
I have coleus sprouting and it looks like a LOT of them are coming up. Guess there will be no Martha Stewart seeds next year. I am hoping for rain here instead of snow but brought the snow blower out of the shed just in case. Bye, Kathy

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Hellllloooooooo Everyone!
Yellowhair - glad to see things moving again for you - empathize completely with ya. Keep with it, even half a pound here and half a pound there makes a difference in the long run.
Kathy, glad you found your keys - I lost my wallet 2 weekends ago and within 2 hours had everything that could be used - CANCELLED. I think it is even more critical now with the internet shopping. Got my cards replaced, lost next months bus pass and about US 100 dollars but that's life. Have to pay more attention in future. did the same about 10 years ago.
Last night was the first night I tried to sleep in two weeks without any sedatives - I have had enough of them - although I kept waking up, I stayed in bed. I think my next strategy is to treat myself to new pillows - sometimes it's those little things that make the difference. Also going to replace the bottom duvet (I use those synthetic ones, trim them to mattress size and use them as a cover and extra cushion above the mattress under my sheet). Going to bed at a regular time tonight, going to get up Sat. morning (asked DH to wake me if its 8am) - going to get outside for fresh air come rain/snow or any weather. Gotta keep moving and keep normal hours.
At lunch today I was eyeing up / window shopping for new clothes...think I am going to take my pants in this weekend on the sewing machine and wait a couple more months before getting replacements. Probably pop round a charity shop to get some 'new' jeans (they are sooooo expensive new, especially in the UK). My other jeans have been relegated to painting clothes (my neverending fence ...).
I feel great today. It snowed, it rained and now the sun is out. Went for a walk at lunch to soak up the sun and it was refreshing.
Let's treat ourselves this weekend to something special!
I'm gonna have a bubble bath, colour enhance my blonde hair and trim it, tidy up and wash some more windows to let the spring sun's SPRING ON SUNDAY!!!!!!

Whhhooooooo Hoooooooooo!

Cheers to all my pals! Drop in on Kathy's thread for some of that magic dust - it's grand!


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Hi guys! (Shaking that dust off here.) I think my treat for the next year will be the camera. I took a photo this morning and checked out the zoom and it is great.
Sue/Yellowhair - cartwheels on the 1 lb less of you!! If you are thinking about getting a steamer run and don't walk to the store. Mine is on the counter all the time. I had no reason to use it this week - wait I did make rice (but did not eat it) so that's not quite right. I made veggie soup and bought the salad mix that is way overpriced (red lettuce and spinach) so did not need to make more veggies. If you buy one get the kind that has the trays on the top - mine is an Oster. I had an Aroma one before and the lid kept popping on it for no reason and it would turn itself to warm and then I would find nothing cooked. Next week I am cooking shrimp in it - wanted to have them last night but hubby was going for blood work today so he does not need more cholesterol to show up. Sue we must be on the computer about the same times because I did not know you posted until McPeg said her congrats.
Our snow turned to rain - hooray! It was all my doing since I brought the snowblower up the hill.
Told hubby I was not up to going to the restaurant with the temptations so he said we could go Chinese. I can handle that - no breaded stuff passes these lips and no rice will either. Well I am doing the final taxes - ones we need to pay so better get off and see the damage. Bye, Kathy

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Morning! It's beautiful here, already walked and doing a load of wash. I plan to do some cleaning today---where the kitties have been in the house. We have one cat, Pepi, who has learned to scratch on the window when he wants in. Very aggravating when he does it at 3 AM!! So, I've been bringing him in early. Will get up cat hair and do some heavy dusting and mopping. I know I'll feel good when it's all over. lol I do love a clean house!

According to my Joyce Vedral book, dieters can have an UNLIMITED number of veggies such as squash, cabbage, green & yellow peppers, kale, lettuce, and many other types of veggies. I want to incorporate more of these into my dieting----I need food that will fill me up!!!!---last night I fixed baked fish and some cabbage which I cooked on top of the stove with water and a little oil. Very good! The cabbage really filled me up. I also had some cottage cheese with this. No bread.

What foods are considered "diet" that you guys prepare that you can eat a lot of----to fill up on????

Have a great Friday!

PS Yesterday was a strange, yet wonderful day for me! I woke up, looked out over the lake and there was what looked to be a large pink rainbow. I went to the bathroom (just for a few seconds), came back and it had completely disappeared!!! Then, later when I went to the ladies luncheon, the lady who was promoting her craft store drew names and I won a small PINK chick-a-dee with little pink flowers and a pink ribbon.

In the past month, I have been seeking some spiritual guidance-----I have seen rainbows in the past----I believe this was my answer!! A solid pink rainbow!! I'm still in awe!!!

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Wow so am I! Never saw a pink rainbow. Have seen a few doubles though and sun dogs and it's always a thrill.
I fill up on brocolli normandy - it's carrots and brocolli and you know how I cook it. Sometimes I sprinkle it with It's a Dilly seasoning from McCormick.
Do you have the old cabbage soup recipe with tomato juice? WW at one time called it "free" - you could eat the whole pot if you wanted to.
I have been eating frozen peaches and strawberries to kill ice cream/sweet cravings in the evenings.
I played with my new camera yesterday and it's a keeper but the software is crappy. No link to send out e-mail copies? Already e-mailed the company and plan on being a major pain for them until I get some answers.Well I am off to work - the yard sales are too far away this moring but are moving sales so they are tempting. Bye, Kathy

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Good morning everyone! My stomach feels full! Too full! This Spring Break has not been good for my diet. Work starts back on Monday and I'll get back with the program then.

Kathy, I have mapped out 29 garage sales to go to today. I usually don't plan to go to garage sales, just happen by them. But today I am mapped out and ready to go!!! I'm hoping to find some bargains to add to my Ebay sales.

See y'all later!

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I can honestly say I have never seen a pink rainbow - wild!
Today rain was forecast. We had some earlier but not for the remainder of the day. Cold north winds are heading for us during the next week with rain and colder temps. Have to wear those rain pants to work this week. Nothing worse than arriving at work drenched! Umbrellas are pretty much useless when the winds are high so I strap down with rain gear head to toe.
We spent today visiting our aunt - I made sure to have breakfast and very light lunch because I knew there would be about a 12 point chicken wing, pizza and sponge roll for us...there was. I had 2 chicken wings, waved my WW Shopping Guide around and researched the meal before eating (new strategy...this woman always bugs me about having more and I have declined numerous times) she was interested in my weight loss. I had a BIT of everything, enjoyed it and told her how happy I was with things. Also chatted about all the opportunities and events I have to decline EACH week at work for hospitality she is getting the message finally. I am always up tight about this visit every other week because I dreaded the who act between us with the food - but I have been sticking to my guns and actually walk my plate right into the kitchen sink as soon as finished and throw it in the dish water. Can't take seconds when your plate is gone. Can't make my point any stronger than that!
I want to reach my goal more than a beer, more than a cheesecake, more than a night out...this is the third year running I have tried to do this and the first time I have made it past a certain point with INTEREST and DETERMINATION to continue. I see myself smaller, I have faith and can now see the difference from when I started.

It has been slow. Sometimes too I give myself small rewards, reread the how to guides, dotties site, discovery health site and then, when I finish reading remind myself how disappointed I have been with myself the last few years for giving up. That is the truest feeling I have to motivate me.

I am going to reach my goal - no matter how long it takes.

It feels great wearing size 12 for the first time in YEARS. I feel great getting this far. I am feeling much better. I pat myself on the back for sticking with it when I was emotionally drained and down - eating right helped me feel better.

What motivates you?

Cheers for now,

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