Mold? Please help asap!

kmdnpd08April 22, 2010

Brand new modular home had a water leak from jacuzzi 5 days ago. Unrealized while tub was filled, water leaked not from drain, but from a still unknown place (jet fittings? plumber yet to come)through the ceiling, wall, and down 2 floors to basement.

We immediately removed wet drywall and dried out with fans best we could. Company came last night and took down the rest of drywall-guy said there was mold. But to me did not look like mold more of a sawdust material. Husband talking about ripping out cabinets etc. I told him cut a piece of drywall from the other side of the house to check it out - I really dont think its mold. Could white mold colonize in only 3 days? The white substance was all over the place but again I really believe it's something from modular factory, sawdust etc - the water only slightly trickled down this wall - the big problem is wood floors need to come up because water settled under them and caused them to warp already.

Please help! I do not have pictures to attach right now I know this makes it more difficult but if anyone has experienced anything like this. thanks so much!

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What company came? Plumber? Carpenter? Mold expert? If it wasn't someone knowledgeable about mold then I would call someone who was before destroying anything else.

You might even Google "types of mold" and look at some pictures to see if anything resembles what you are seeing. But, I would still get an expert opinion before making a decision. I'm inclined to believe that it's not as bad as it seems but better safe than sorry. I think the cost of an expert opinion will be cheaper than ripping out miles of sheetrock and replacing it.

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Hello, the water damage remediation company came. Not servpro but one of their competitors. They were recommended by insurance co. wood floors were warping so had to be ripped up before mold started to grow. but again what I saw on sheetrock, does not look like pics online-pics online look like circular colonies-this looked like some type of dust.
The water ran down this wall and when we opened it up I only saw and felt with my hand where water had trickled-its not as if something was leaking there for years and caused a mold problem. Definitely will consult with an expert before further removal of sheetrock into kitchen, cabinets etc. Thanks for your reply.

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