Singer XL 6000 thread

kjohnstoJanuary 28, 2006

I bought a boxfull of mini-cones of thread only to find that it is wound counter-clockwise. I can still embroider with it, but it won't re-wind, so I have two problems:

  1. since the auto-re-wind doesn't seem to work, how can I use the automatic thread exchanger

  2. how do you get thread unwound anytime the auto-rewinder doesn't work?

(I tried turning the spool upside down, but since the pointed end of the cone was down, thread kept falling below the spool and winding itself around the spindle)


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Hmm. I have the XL 6000 and I too, have the cones of thread that are wound the 'wrong' way. I use Marathon thread, and so far I have not had a problem at all turning them upside down. I do use thread nets on them tho, so that might be why I haven't had an issue. Do you have any thread nets around that you could try? If not, is there a florist nearby you could ask for a few rose nets? I think most forists would give them to you as I don't think they use them for anything else. That way you could try it out and see if this fixes your problem before you buy any.

I bought 2 or 3 yards of thread nets and need to get a couple more in order to cover all my spools. I like buying it by the yard so you can cut them to any length you like. Good luck!


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Hi, just to let you know, you can purchase your thread for the XL6000 from, it is would clockwise and I have the same machine and haven't had a problem. They are reasonably priced, $1.65 for 1100M spool of thread and if you spend $99, shipping is free. There is where I get all of my thread. Just click on threads, then the Poly 40 weight, much better than rayon and the colors and sheens are wonderful! No breakage. Check this site out~it's wonderful. Just a customer, not an employee or anything. They ship really fast too. Oh, almost forgot, you can get the 5000M spools for $3.99 and they also have the multicolor for I think $2.50~no tax too!! MimiRose

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Has anyone used Spectrum Embroidery thread with their Singer Xl6000 I was wondering if it is clockwise?

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