Day 4 of SS tired of always dieting

lgiorgiMarch 16, 2006

Hi everyone, I always use the home forum for my house and it has always helped. Then I found this forum. I hope it will help me to stay in control. I already lost 55 pounds last year with SS kept it all off for one month and went back to FOOD and gained it all back. I have to keep trying. I hope I can help someone else here. I would like to share ideas on what to eat on SS. Good luck to everyone

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Reading the Sonoma "diet" just now and highly recommend you have a look.

This diet is not based on deprivation, the fundamental flaw in most diets. I mean, you can't just eat all you want of anything, nonetheless it is worth having a look.

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Thanks pugger for the idea of trying the sonoma diet. Any infor would be appreciated.

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