New driveway

junebug1961April 18, 2005


I had a new concrete driveway poured last september. I noticed in February while I was shoveling snow that a long, fine crack had appeared in the interim, about 14 feet long. A few days ago, I noticed yet another crack criss-crossing the old crack. I am not a driveway expert, and I wonder if this is kind of early for things to be "cracking" up. The cracks are not superficial, they go all the way through to the bottom of the slabs.



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concrete, or blacktop ?

call your contractor, and ask them very nicely why your slab is splitting. that's definately not normal.

could be a pre-pour grading issue. could be water.

very likely something that can be repaired.

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Thanks, chinacat...
Concrete. It just seems too soon. I'll give the dude a call.

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Probably not reinforced well enough.....or he skimped on the depth of the concrete.....or didn't compress the fill well enough....
But it can't be "repaired" it will have to be re done.
How well do you know the contractor? Did he come well recommended? Does he guarantee his work?
Sounds to me like you have been had!
Linda C

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Geez...spouse does not recall if the guy guaranteed his work. He seemed extremely picky about the thickness of the concrete, plus the number of metal rods beneath. One thing I did notice is that he would take off to another job and had tons of young laddies working for him. Maybe the young guys weren't that attentive. At any rate, we're calling him and monday, having him come take a look.

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